Monday, 14 November 2016

King Donald: How Manosphere Values gave Trump the White House

Now the American election is favourably decided, I feel the need to restate my mission as an anti-feminist theorist. Over the past seven years I have created a corpus of anti-feminist theory second to none. Neither on the Internet or in academia do I have any serious rival as the conceptual leader of the Anglo-American manosphere. Such luminaries as Roissy, Roosh and the Anti-Feminist quote freely from my writings. Innovative bloggers like Relampago Furioso have pushed my core ideas in fascinating new directions ( Outside the Anglosphere, my writings are translated into any number of languages, not least on the raunchy and popular Brazilian website, Canal do Bufalo.

Trump’s success of course derives from many overlapping demographic, economic and political factors. However, I have written a number of articles over the years that demonstrate a masculinist context for Trump’s resounding success.

1. Decline of the Mainstream Media


Since I started this blog, I have continually written about Antonio Gramsci’s concept of the hegemony; a kind of ideological cement that binds public consent to the social order. Schools, colleges and churches are powerful agents of hegemony, telling young people what to think and how to live. So, of course, is the family. However, Gramsci argued that the main hegemonic force in modern society is the mainstream media – television, newspapers, radio.  Prior to the rise of social media, these hegemonic agents ruled supreme. They accommodated whichever views or behaviour the establishment considered ‘normal‘ and pumped those values into people’s heads on a 24/7/365 basis. Consequently, politics from 1945 to the rise of the digital era was largely predictable; establishment candidates trotting out the old platitudes always triumphed; and the masses largely accepted this state of affairs. Obviously, all that began to change when the rise of social media began cutting deep into mainstream media outlets. Across the Anglosphere, newspapers are dying like flies while terrestrial television is increasingly marginalised; meanwhile, traditional radio stations have been comprehensively replaced by online shock jocks and bloggers. And now these hegemonic pillars have crumbled, so has the hegemony; the establishment can no longer inject its values into the masses in a clear and unobstructed manner. This is why we now have black Presidents, legalized marijuana, Brexit and President Trump. More shocks to the establishment will doubtless follow. The media has atomized, with different splinters catering to different social niches and patterns of cultural association (the Manosphere is a good example of this).  Moreover, these niches now span whole continents, transcending national or regional agendas: the Manosphere comprises people from North America, Anglophone Europe, the British Commonwealth and men from the post-feminist Anglo-American diaspora. Despite our geographical differences, we are all united by common interests. In sum, the single media narrative a national hegemony requires to function is effectively dead.

2. Rise of Single Men

There are now far more single men in the US than there used to be. This is more a matter of female hypergamy than anything else; graduate women have little interest in non-graduate men, and there are now far more graduate women than graduate men. White American women are also notoriously racist, further limiting their pool of available mates. Besides, as we all know, more and more men are shunning marriage on their own account. Men are naturally more risk-taking than women and become even more risk-taking when they are single; after all, what do they have to lose? Research shows that nations or regions with high proportions of single men are generally less stable and more prone to conflict than nations where most men have a reproductive life-partner. It takes no leap of imagination to see that the rise of ‘wild card’ candidates such as Sanders and Trump might relate to American male voters becoming more risk-taking due to widespread singleness. Trump’s utterances are obviously more confrontational than those of traditional politicians – in short, more risk-taking. Bigly.

3. Rise of the Nones.

Trump took the Republican nomination from religious fanatics like Cruz and Rubio. This can partly be explained by the increasing secularism of American society. In the US, nones (those without affiliation to a specific religious denomination) now make up almost a quarter of the population; and not all these people are left-liberals, by any means. The traditional bind between religion and Republicanism is clearly breaking down: Cruz and Rubio were leading phantom armies of devout anti-abortionists and secular Trump was the beneficiary of their folly. Trapped in antique hegemonic narratives, the Republican elite still think everyone goes to Church three times a day, wears fag shoes and only drinks coca-cola. However, Catholic sex scandals and the Internet have largely put paid to that. There are now more American nones than American Catholics and their numbers will only grow.

4. Generational Change.

The Baby Boomers who defined the post war era are dying off fast. As I have long maintained, this is wreaking enormous change across the West in general and the Anglosphere in particular. The Long Sixties are now a dim, distant memory and 2016 saw a great cull of the principal Boomer icons. In my view, one of the major effects of this generational replacement has been the decline of Sexual False Consciousness. Boomer culture generally told men that women want to have sex with everybody – indeed, that is the central theme of rock music and other Boomer institutions. Partly aided by the rise of the Manosphere and the popularization of socio-biology, many now question this narrative. Indeed, many men raised in the post-feminist era have grown up finding western women a crushing disappointment because of the false sexual expectations created by Boomer culture. Hillary’s lame slogan ‘Love Trumps Hate!’ is a weary platitude straight from a lost era. Enough already, Hillary.

5. Closure of the Liberal Mind

I don’t know when or why Anglo-American liberals became so close minded; it is a question for finer intellects than mine. Perhaps it has something to do with the progressives’ recent immersion in identity politics and wholesale rejection of the working class who used to provide their core electoral support. Whatever the reason, the liberal Cathedral now lives in a sealed echo-chamber that quashes all dissent. Feminists, democratic socialists and leftist academics cling to anti-essentialist, pro-immigration and globalist agendas despite repeated refutation by all relevant evidence (not to mention rejection by voters). David Futrelle’s website is a glorious example of this; an echo chamber where all dissent is banned or ridiculed. However, this tendency has led liberals to exaggerate their numbers and importance in society. The liberal cathedral expected Hillary to beat Trump by a landslide; in the end, they were roundly defeated in the all-important swing States and the Republicans have both houses.

6. Decline of Anglo Puritanism

The old Anglo-Saxon Puritanism is waning due to generational replacement, online porn, sex tourism and the rise of American secularism. Feminist news sites like the Huffington Post were scandalized by Mr Trump’s voracious virility – fortunately, mainstream society was not. Most people just shrugged and said, ‘so women let rich guys grab them by the pussy – so what? It’s nothing we didn’t know. If I had his power, I’d be doing the same.’ As I have long argued, Anglo feminism is essentially an extension of Anglo Puritanism; as Puritanism wanes, so does the power of feminism.

7. Rise of the Manosphere

“I think that there is definitely still a very significant portion of the party that is a limited government conservatism based faction of the overall coalition. Now the screamers and the crazy people on the ‘alt-right’ as they call it, you know, who love Donald Trump, who have plenty of Hitler iconography in their Twitter icons and names… who think Donald Trump is the greatest thing. Oh, it’s something. But the fact of the matter is most of them are childless, single men who masturbate to anime. They’re not real political players. These are not people who matter in the overall course of humanity.”

– GOP strategist Rick Wilson, speaking on MSNBC.

I am not trying to inflate our influence – most people still characterize us as unimportant and marginalised, with no small justification. However, in a world increasingly driven by tipping points, memes and complexity, an obscure online movement can create ripples and eddies in the wider culture out of all proportion to its actual size. Trapped in his Bible, Rick Wilson failed to grasp that there are now large numbers of single men prepared to vote for a risky and untried candidate like Mr Trump. For the past six years, David Futrelle has been saying that the manosphere is for losers, Game is for rapists and women are wonderful. But if all that were really true, why did Mr Trump win? Here is Futrelle’s admission of utter defeat:

When I began this blog six years ago, the Men’s Rights Movement was little more than a curiosity. I’ve watched, with both amusement and alarm, as this small movement has inspired, and ultimately has been eclipsed by, a broader anti-feminist, anti-woman backlash, online and off, driven largely by the same white male rage. Each new iteration of this backlash has been more toxic — and, sadly, more influential — than the last, ultimately culminating in the rise of the alt-right. Which is to say, the newest incarnation of fascism. Now the openly racist, openly misogynistic idol of the alt-right has been elected president. Obviously, not everyone who voted for Trump was white or male. But his candidacy was powered in large part by the same kind of white male rage I have been writing about virtually every day for the last six years.

I couldn't have said it better myself. Get back to your phantom armies, loser.

Conclusion: Opportunities and Outcomes

With Mr Trump’s dynamic victory, enormous opportunities have suddenly arisen that could transform the whole Anglosphere. The Baby Boomers are dying off, allowing us to shape a more man-friendly hegemony. What America does, the other Anglosphere nations will inevitably imitate. Here are some of my suggestions:

Make all American women register for the draft.
Legalize prostitution – this will decimate feminism at one fell swoop.
Strengthen the legal system against feminist manipulation.
Remove misandrist academics like Katherine McKinnon from their positions.
End all preferential treatment for women in schools and colleges.
Strengthen the secular presence in the Republican party – Christianity is spiritual Marxism.

And if Mr Trump is reading, here is a list of feminists who need to be imprisoned or executed:

Katherine McKinnon
David Futrelle
Jessica Valenti

There; that should do it.


  1. OK - if those things happened:

    1. Women register for the draft - nobody has been drafted in a long time - BUT - Women would suddenly of course - throw the "equality" bullsh*t in the trash. This would wake a lot of people up.

    2. Legalize prostitution. Men would get a wake up call when they realized how much the average woman - or fat/ugly woman - charge for a trick - I'd wager a guess at about $300 for a blow job on average - two a week would cost $2400 per month - way more than most men make.

    3. Strengthen the legal system against feminist manipulation - all the charities that make millions off of contributions to fight things like sex-trafficking, wage gap and whatnot would freak out.

    4. Remove misandrist academics - colleges would shut down for lack of staff!

    5. End preferential treatment for girls on campuses. Say goodbye to the "85% graduate" thing.

    6. Strengthen secular presence in Republican party - say goodbye to the Republican party!

    Am I being sarcastic - no - not at all.

    1. you're wrong, Richard. the GOP is no longer the Christian Party - Trump has smashed that. The GOP is now the White Party, not the Christian Party.

  2. Here is a few more additions to the imprison or execution list:

    Anita Sarkeesian
    Zoey Quin
    Lacy Green
    Suey Park
    Ana Kasperian
    Rachel Maddow
    Sabrina Erderly
    Jackie Coakley
    Emma Sulkowicz
    Megyn Kelly
    Lindy West
    Lena Dunham
    Amy Schumer
    Chanty Binx (Big Red)
    Sarah Silverman
    John Scalzi

  3. Rookh,

    While I agree with legalising prostitution in America, Richard is right; it is not a panacea that will collapse feminism. Prostitution is legal here (in AUS) and it has meant very little in the grand scheme of things.

    If I was to legalise prostitution in America, I'd adopt it state-by-state and see what happened. At the moment, you mostly have criminals running prostitute rings there, so simply legalising it all-over won't help. Nevada has been a test run; now see what happens when you legalise it elsewhere.

    The most important thing to do is to actually make the Anglosphere a more family-friendly place. Reintroduce 'fault' divorce and then assign fault to wives who try and manipulate their husbands into divorce by denying sex. This won't stop AW from sucking, but it might at least curtail their more life-ruining tendencies.

    Introduce a minimum basic income so that people can actually survive, with more for married couples than singles. Reduce single motherhood by not giving them significantly more than singles. Reduce the minimum wage and put that on top of the minimum basic income. Get rid of the myriad of welfare programs nowadays that just serve to rot out society (single motherhood subsidies etc).

    Whatever, I'm going on a rant, but you get the idea.

    1. I live in Nevada. The prostitutes here are for the excessively rich. Like $800-5000 a trick. Also, it is not really "legal". You need licenses, it is only legal is select counties that are "the middle of nowhere".

      Nevada is NOT a good example of legal prostitution.

      Legalizing it would be - men can offer money for sex to ANY woman - and it is NOT illegal - nor is it sexual harassment.

      Also, women can offer sex to men for money - and that is not illegal either.

      This will NEVER happen in the united states.

      My guess is the "legal" prostitution in AU is what I just described above for NV.

      That is not "legal" - it is not even "controlled"...

      It is a joke.

    2. Thanks for the info Richard.

      USD$800-$5000 for a trick? Holy crap that is expensive.

      As for AUS, I do know that non-rich guys use prostitutes, but that prostitutes here are pickier than they ought to be. Every state varies, but that's all I know about the matter.

    3. Not "legalisation" which in fact is heavily regulated by the nanny state but "decriminalization" is the answer. There is a good website by a call girl called Maggie McNiel or the Honest Courtesan or something which she rails on about the human trafficking hoax used by the anglobitch to limit male sexual access and she also condemns so called "legal" prostitution showing that it is essentially nanny state nonsense that no girl wants to work under nor men overpay for. The women in Nevada are essentially under contracts with the brothels, have to register with the local sheriff like criminals, and endlessly "tested" as if aids were a heterosexual disease instead of confined to men who have anal receptive intercourse with many other men who also have promiscuous anal receptive intercourse. Stopping queers and frigid bitches pushing the heterosexual aids epidemic myth would also help to loosen up females who were spooked by queer aids into thinking sleeping with straight as an arrow Homecoming King Harry in Corntopia Iowa was just as risky as some queer taking it up the ass bareback from twenty strangers in some seedy leather bar in lower Manhattan.

  4. Excellent article Rookh. Just imagine what would of happened in America if Hillary had won.

    She was the biggest feminist the world has ever seen. Thank God Trump beat that old sea hag.

    I wish prostitution was legal here in the USA. It would cause competition from women and hurt feminism. Also the tax revenue would help pay off the national debt.

    1. Don't worry, James - Mr Trump's protectionist economic reforms will soon eat into the national debt. And having a virile, priapic leader will do American feminism no good at all.

  5. Christianity is indeed the root cause of feminism. It was Christian women that demanded that women should be allowed to vote in the 1910s and 20s, and also the same Christian women who voted to outlaw prostitution, gambling, drugs, alcohol, etc.

    Christianinty is the biggest CUCK religion ever. Thank God I am a white male who converted to the true Aryan dharma.

    As for prostitution, legalizing it will be the biggest hit we can do against feminism. Google "Are Prostitutes Better than Normal Women" for a very well written article written by an MRA/MGTOW guy about why prostitution should be legal and the effects it will have on society.

    1. An army of hookers is already in the waiting. Go to virtually any country around the globe not contaminated by the PC welfare state and you will find that women who have children out of wedlock virtually ALWAYS resort to engaging in prostitution. Government isn't really their husband in the West, it's actually their John. Prostitute is the natural state of these bastard making machines, take away the feminist coddling government and they will be quite open to selling pussy. And not on "the streets" with some "pimp" as the false narrative created by the media likes to portray it, sensationalizing the seedy ghetto crack herion street prostitution scene that died decades ago as the reality of prostitution. But in much more informal ways as in nonwestern countries where certain service occupations where women work, in fact they are also open to paid sex with men that they come into contact with. And no they aren't slaves and some nutcase, or smelly bum's offer is not going to be accepted. A prostitute I know quite well was talking about one woman who came to work with her and quit shortly after denouncing her as "disgusting to go with these "dirty" customers." She told her back, "NO, these guys are mostly married and think that YOUR the dirty one." She said how almost all the men shower well before coming over, put on cologne, and wear nice clothes as if they were going on a date. She closes early because she said late night is no good, you get drunks and they are trouble.

  6. "Neither on the Internet or in academia do I have any serious rival as the conceptual leader of the Anglo-American manosphere."

    HA HA HA! Look at all the Baby Roosters, come out to preen and peck!

    Rooshie is The Leader of the Manosphere! Teddie Beale is The Leader of the Alt-Right! Decades behind the origin point . . . but they invented it all!


    1. But the whole post-War 'progressive' movement adhered to a short-lived period of economic prosperity that died in the mid-1970s and has had no meaning to most people for 40 years. People like you are trapped in a bubble that burst long ago. That time was a historical anomaly: get used to it. The time has come for new programmes, new men and new ideas.

    2. HA HA HA HA HA I might be trapped in a bubble but when it bursts, let me assure you that all your sorry fake asses will get plenty wet. Y'all won't have much to say then unless screaming counts as dialogue.

      Bring on the future!

  7. At 4. To include ones opponents name in ones three word slogan merely gives ones opponent a free advert.

  8. Donald is the President, not a king. He works for us.

  9. It is amazing that people describe these things.

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