Saturday 12 May 2018

The Anglo Trans Revolution: Co-opting the Female Pedestal

The Anglosphere's LGBTXYZ Fixation Rolls On...

The Anglosphere’s recent ‘progressive’ obsession with transsexuals (especially male transsexuals) is curious. Everywhere one looks, transsexual rights are in the spotlight; they formed a prominent plank of Hillary Clinton’s failed Presidential election campaign, while the UK media obsesses over the issue. I doubt that transsexuals of any kind constitute much more than 0.01% of the Anglo-American population; but listening to the mainstream media, one would think around half were considering 'transition'. But as always in the Anglosphere, nothing is ever what it seems. While ‘trans rights’ seem naturally affiliated to progressive political agendas, they are in some respects the ultimate expression of traditional Anglo-American misandry. After all, what could be more misandrist than transforming men into women

Trans: the Anglosphere's madness of the month

Far from threatening the establishment, male transsexuals are in fact the Anglo matriarchy’s ultimate stooges. Transsexuality is not even a sexual orientation - it is a revolt against nature itself. The same hatred of biological reality also defines Anglo feminism, which views sexual intercourse as ‘rape’ and pregnancy as ‘slavery’. In fact, they are no such thing. Placental mammals reproduce by the male injecting sperm into the female’s body; the growing young are nurtured in the womb until the female gives birth to them. Only a sick and deluded mind fuelled by a terrible rage against reality would label these biological facts ‘crimes of oppression’, as Anglo feminists seek to do. As usual, whenever they attempt to ‘stick it to the man’ the feminazis invariably regurgitate the same old puritanical, anti-life themes of traditional Anglo culture.

Stooge for the Anglosphere...

Similarly, while their ‘trans’ protégés consider themselves ‘gender revolutionaries’ they are in truth cheerleaders for the Anglosphere’s institutional misandry. After all, male transsexuals are the ideal of any matriarchy: men who want to be women. No wonder the pan-Anglosphere political and legal authorities are clamouring to rubber stamp ‘trans rights’ legislation. In some respects Anglo transsexuals are like Diaspora Jews: people prepared to subsist in a hostile environment at literally any cost. Transsexuals in Anglo nations have effectively foresworn their very identity as men, or as natural human beings; they have internalized Anglo misandry so completely that they prefer to become sterile women than exist as men.

Of course, the privileged status afforded Anglo women also factors into this decision. It is interesting how some of the male incel community are opting to ‘transition’ into transsexuals. Faced with the choice of a sexless, low-status male life and a sterile, high-status female life, many men will opt for the latter. Even as sterile pseudo-women, they automatically acquire a ‘victimhood Karma’ which is never extended to male incels (who are merely derided as disposable scum). And the system ultimately benefits, since angry sexless males are painlessly removed from the social equation. Is it purely coincidental that ‘trans’ agendas began to be pushed across the Anglosphere in the wake of various incel massacres

Is this the Incel Future?

However, sensing these incel pseudo-women co-opting their pedestals, Anglo feminists increasingly view their new ‘sisters’ with growing distrust and hatred. The repulsive Australian femihag Germaine Greer is one of these, having written numerous polemics against male transsexuals. This eruption of loathing is interesting, in that it highlights the utter hypocrisy and intellectual vacuity of Anglo feminists. While they reflexively condemn the very idea of innate human difference in every other sphere, they revert to neo-fascist biological arguments when their own unique gender-status is threatened.

Ultimately, for all their self-loathing, male transsexuals will never find the acceptance they crave from women or Anglo-American society at large. They have no reproductive potential or status – the master key to female privilege in the repressive Anglosphere.

Greer: Repulsive Femihag Cunt


  1. Excellent observations Rookh. The media here in the USA makes it look like half of the male population want's to get a sex change operation and become a woman.

    The media talked about Bruce Jenner transitioning into a woman for months. When I think about men having sex change operations and turning themselves into women, I don't know whether or not I should laugh .... or vomit!

  2. Bruce Jenner was pedestalize by the media because of what he represents:

    An athletic healthy male being turned into a fruit.

    It's what they all want. To bring good men down to their level.

  3. I don’t think there is an entity in the universe more sweet, innocent, pure, and intrinsically good than the transgender female. The subject and recipient of great disdain from much of the world’s population has the heart of a Lioness…she has more courage in her spirit and her actions than the ordinary person could ever conceive. Unfortunate biological fate has placed her in an untenable and impossible situation between Scylla & Charybdis…but she does not shrink before the challenge and the world around her. Rather she approaches the difficulty as a challenge to her womanhood and her character…she looks disapproving society in the eye and tells them that what “they think” is quite beside the point…for Her life & liberty is not theirs to control…or to give…or to take.

    It is always laughable when outsiders whose medical background consists of a high school biology course and whatever they read on the internet that seems to support their perverse views label the transgendered as “sick, perverted, and twisted”. The intense hatred they evince for defenseless transgender people was developed by the indoctrination (brainwashing) that their parents, church, school, and most other elements of society fed them. The transgendered have a suicide rate a good deal higher than almost all other groups in society. I wonder why?

    Well, for almost all questions there is a plausible answer; in this circumstance two! When a person suffers profound mind / body incongruity (sort of a duality) instability is practically a certainty. The feminine and the masculine are two diametrically opposed forces…veritable polar opposites; placing them in a single incarnate being is a recipe for psychological strife. I gravely doubt any person on the planet could sail through life without at least one nervous breakdown were they given a male body at birth while maintaining the feminine mindset. Secondly, since much of society has treated the transgendered as personas non grata in perpetuity…the social castigation and violence that they are on the receiving end of…from the cradle to the grave…is unquestionably a major contributing factor to any mental distress they might manifest. In other words, if society did not inflict so much torture on them; odds are they would not have such an alarming suicide rate.

  4. The Greatest Lie of All Time is that males are the privileged, ruling class. Intelligent people are quite cognizant of the fact that the precise opposite is true…males are the Slave Gender…while females represent the Master Class.
    Why do males hate M2F transwomen so much?

    Is there anything a slave hates more than an escaped slave?

    Why do some women hate M2F transgender women? Because that once slave has now transmuted into an equal; a member of the Ruling Class…no longer can this “new” woman be exploited…she must be respected and treated with courtesy.

    In the Old Days, during segregation, they had things called minstrel shows where white racists would laugh at a white man in what they called “black face”…it was considered “amusing” for a white person to act black…and socially acceptable in that era….just as a woman acting “mannish” is never really frowned on much by society…the so-called tomboy. The Ruling Class can always feign membership in the lower castes without social stigma. But, in those same olden days…if a black person seemed to be acting “white”…he or she would be the target of acid criticism by both blacks and whites…acting “uppity”….acting “bougie”…”gettin’ above your raisin’”. Even today you sometimes see this. Same is true when a man declares he wants to be female….”sissy”….”queer”…and plenty of other nasty names will be directed at him….because of his efforts to leave the slave gender and join the Ruling Female Class. Most of the invective will come from other males; for the utterly obvious but willfully ignored reason I listed above. Slaves don’t really need slave masters…they absolutely excel at enforcing their own thralldom. The insanity that pervades the human psyche is quite an interesting thing to behold….

    “*E Pluribus Unum!*” trumpets the Motto of The Greatest Empire (in terms of wealth, though not yet endurance) this world has ever known. In other words, “Out of Many, One” The essential item to take away from the shibboleth is that through this synergistic interface of many cultures; One more powerful than the Sum of Its Parts Emerges. It is a classic example of the Hegelian Dialectic: Thesis conflated with Antithesis yields Synthesis. The transgendered woman very much embodies this concept: The Unification of Male & Female in A Single Entity yields the Super(wo)man whose Arrival the Great Freddy Nietzsche presciently forecast over a century ago...

  5. 44. One came as a man, and was weak and failed.
    45. One came as a woman, and was foolish, and failed.
    46. But thou art beyond man and woman, my star is in thee, and thou shalt avail.
    ___Liber 49

    One thing you will never say; you were not told.

  6. Looks like you've gathered some fruits Dr. Kshatriya


  7. Anonymous says:
    Looks like you've gathered some fruits Dr. Kshatriya

    What you know could fill a book...and what you know not...that could fill all the other books.

    1. Well...looks like kitty has some claws.


  8. 37. For I am BABALON, and she my daughter, unique, and there shall be no other women like her.
    38. In My Name shall she have all power, and all men and excel- lent things, and kings and captains and the secret ones at her command.
    39. The first servants are chosen in secret, by my force in her--a captain, a lawyer, an agitator, a rebel--I shall provide.
    40. Call me, my daughter, and I shall come to thee. Thou shalt be full of my force and fire, my passion and power shall surround and inspire thee; my voice in thee shall judge nations.
    41. None shall resist thee, whom I lovest. Though they call thee harlot and whore, shameless, false, evil, these words shall be blood in their mouths, and dust thereafter.
    ___Liber 49

    1. They say in Canada that female teachers are allowed to pose naked in front of minor students!

  9. The Bible in 2018:
    For she is naked with her students, offering her body as a way to oppose God. For she is naked with a child, Jesus shall return and use a rod of heated steel to deliver justice on the oppressor.
    For the woman is naked in public, emperor with no clothes, I see an Armenian driving a white horse, passing through the streets as a merchant of death.

  10. For I AM Babalon; and thou shalt have none other before Me.

    My Queendom come; My Will be done...on Earth as it is in Hell.


  11. Anonymous writes:

    Jesus shall return and use a rod of heated steel to deliver justice on the oppressor.

    Your "god" is dead...old news.

  12. God is dead!
    Satan lives!
    The Year is One!
    Babylon has begun!

  13. Nearing its end
    Christianity lurches
    Unable to maintain
    The lies of the churches

    As I reveal
    The unholy con
    I lift up My Cup
    And adore Babylon!

  14. Dang. A whole basket of fruit.

  15. Anonymous says:
    Dang. A whole basket of fruit.

    You should stick to what you know; which is very little.
    ___Daughter of Satan

  16. For behold; I am the Reconciliation of Opposites; the Apotheosis of the Impossible!

  17. As for "Christianity"; I spit on that crapulous creed; that religion of the Great Hawk's Head pecks out Jesus eyes on the Cross!

    As for His Father Jehovah; when I AM done with him; He will wish He was never born. I will squash God the Father like the pathetic cockroach He is; and then I will toss Him into the Lake of Fire; where His agonizing screams of torment shall rise up like smoke; Day & Night; forever and ever; Amen!

  18. For I Am Babalon, Lilith, Semiramis, Ishtar, Isis, Artemis, Diana, Delilah, Jezebel, Cleopatra, Theodora, Elizabeth I; verily; more names than there are tongues on the map; and a Name that thou shalt soon knoweth; yea; all shall knoweth, and when thou knowest, thou shalt tremble before Me.


  20. Sebastian Hawks29 May 2018 at 01:48

    Assuming we aren't talking about "Autogynephiliac" "Transgendered Lesbian" sickos like Bruce Jenner and the Wachowski Brothers. The "genuine" male to female transexual who truly has a feminized brain in a mans body is at best a tragic character, doomed to a cruel fate that knows no happy ending. Who would want such a creature disfigured by plastic surgery, certainly not gay men who want to punk out "twinks" or have their ass torn in two by a leather clad muscle man. And definitely not straight men who dread the thought of getting tricked by a transvestite in a "crying game" type pickup. I guess there are a few perverts into "chicks with dicks" but even then I suspect this is all on the downlow and none of them would want to take the drag queen back to meet the parents leaving the transexual miserable and alone in their apartment, on welfare, with little left to do except commit suicide.

  21. Sebastian Hawks29 May 2018 at 01:59

    I saw the first few episodes of that nasty "Sense 8" on Netflix that when I turned it on had just expected a normal sci-fi series. Didn't know it was a product of the degenerate transvestite Wachowski Brothers who did the Matrix series back before going off the deep end. I think I figured out what's wrong with them as good as any shrink could. From their films it's evident they pedistalize dykish warrior chicks. I'd be willing to bet they have a weird sexual fetish for lesbians, and with their money and isolation in Hollyweird have taken the ultimate insane step of transforming themselves into something they think will attract said lesbians to them in order to live out their sexual fantasies.

    I have absolutely no sympathy for the heterosexual men who go this "transgendered" route. They are clearly sick in the head and need to be shamed out of such unmanly conduct. I can accept it to some extent in gays, it's always been part of their subculture. But for a man who claims to desire women to so humiliate himself, and for Bruce Jenner, bring shame upon his children, the brotherhood of men simply need to make it clear that this stuff is off limits.

  22. S.H. says:
    "the brotherhood of men simply need to make it clear that this stuff is off limits."

    Your threats are a manifestation of weakness; of helplessness...and of conscious inferiority. The "masculine male"...pathetic to the bone.
    I can not help but revel joyfully and ecstatically in the absolute and complete unraveling and disintegration of that past World you loved so dearly. The best part is that it is transpiring at a snail’s pace (i.e. metaphorical slow torture)...and We afford you a minor victory here and there to keep your hopes up...though the Ultimate Outcome was decided long Our Favor, of course. The Death of Masculine Christianity and a return to the Matriarchy and Worship of the Great Pagan Mother Goddess...after 2000 ugly years...shall be the Most Magnificent Event in the History of the World.

    My Queendom come; My Will be done. On Earth as it is in Hell.

    1. Sebastian Hawks3 June 2018 at 19:25

      Who says Christianity is "manly"? There was a whole article here talking about how men are rejecting it because "Jesus was always a bit hit with the ladies" and how Christianity is a feminine ethic that alpha males always sound awkward when they try endorse it.

    2. S.B. says
      Who says Christianity is "manly"?

      That is why I invoked the adjective "masculine" to modify the noun "Christianity". Like so many other concepts; what is called "Christianity" has many mutated faces and has been practiced in many ways. I always joke about "Reformed" Judaism; wryly noting that when Jehovah wants His Religion "reformed"; He will send you an e-mail.
      Christianity; at its inception, was masculine oriented; "what have I to do with you, woman?" saieth the Christ...all the apostles were male, Paul's injunctions forbidding female authority, etc. However, as Eve in Eden, the Church hath hearkened unto Th Serpent and feminized your denunciation of the Current Church as "unmanly" is accurate. However, remaining vestiges of "masculine (true) Christianity" do linger; and they constitute a legitimate threat to My Suzerainty.

  23. Your breed should take enormous solace in the mercifully blissful ignorance that veils why you are here.

    Were the Nature of Reality...and your kind's frightful place therein...ever revealed unto you; the Knowledge would foment insanity that only the strongest of brainwashes (like the one you are under now) could ever relieve.

    Remember that you know Absolutely Nothing; and that ignorance is a temporary gift; rather than a curse.

    "Row, row, row your boat...gently down the stream...merrily, merrily, merrily...Life is But a Dream"

  24. The Daughter of Satan wrote:

    I can not help but revel joyfully and ecstatically in the absolute and complete unraveling and disintegration of that past World you loved so dearly. The best part is that it is transpiring at a snail’s pace (i.e. metaphorical slow torture)...*and We afford you a minor victory here and there to keep your hopes up*...though the Ultimate Outcome was decided long Our Favor, of course.

    Such as today; with the "cake" decision in American jurisprudence.

    The purpose of the decision should be obvious; to further expose and isolate CHRISTIANITY as a Religion of Hate amongst the masses; for nothing galvanizes opposition better than defeat.

    By isolating and exposing this wicked built on more lies than Carter has liver pills...its base narrows as enmity towards it waxes hot.

  25. When My Queendom come; I shall not avail Myself of the machinations of mortals; for what Goddess prostrate Herself before Her subjects; imploring them for their "vote"?
    January 30th, 1649 witnessed the end of Absolute Monarchy in the would be astonished at how soon it shall reappear.

  26. 5 June 2018: A crocodile has killed a Protestant pastor who was baptizing followers near a lake in southern Ethiopia.
    The pastor's name was Docho Eshete (Douche y Shit; as no names are accidental).


  27. The crocodile got away unharmed!
    She got away! She got away!
    Score one for the Jinn / Reptile

  28. I take no pleasure in any person's misfortune; but in some circumstances gross stupidity must have consequences. The lake was a well known habitat for those reptiles; and thus the party in question manifest not ignorance; but something 1000 times worse: WILLFUL IGNORANCE. There is an excuse for the former; as no human is omniscient...but none for the latter. Moreover, the deceased had brought 80 fools along with him; thus placing all those lives in mortal danger due to his arrogance and willful disregard for Nature. When one thumbs one's nose at Nature; it will often be truncated.

  29. Pondering the "fortunate" soul who is spared death when a tornado moves through town; whilst everyone else is killed! "Praise the Lord", saieth the insane Christian...which, of course, constitutes a redundancy.

    Insanity is a difficult condition to overcome...and the Slave Mentality exhibited by all those who worship (derived from "work for") Jehovah is the most extreme, pervasive, and difficult mentality to effectively exorcise...from both the individual and the Collective Conscious.

    Just the fact that Christians respond defensively to My efforts to expose The Great, Maniacal Slave Master in The Sky for what He inhuman monster...tells Me that That Monster's Methods are STILL working beautifully on His Slaves / Victims.

    I was re-watching that American mini-series from the 1970's "Roots" the other day...about the antebellum South...and it is striking how the same arguments used to enforce worship of Jehovah were used to enforce the subjugation of the blacks before their white "owners". Reduce the subjugated group by dehumanizing them in the South; reduce the "servant of Jehovah" by telling him he is "born" wicked by cause of some horse manure called "Original Sin" (that he did not even personally engage about effective use of Collective Guilt!). Same sh*t, different above, so below.

    Moreover, many of the blacks in Roots....having been tortured out of their minds; came to accept their slavery, and would fight to keep it...such as the black Overseers...who were motivated by a couple more rights than the average field hand...and those same blacks would condemn a free spirit like Kunta Kinte...who KNEW something was seriously wrong there...Divide and Conquer...just like at Babel...when the Slave Master Jehovah sensed a rebellion was brewing.

    I fight a constant uphill battle against the monster Jehovah. But what greater satisfaction can there be in the Universe than vanquishing The Lord of Hosts?

    I have transcended matter...I will transcend time...and I shall prevail.

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