Saturday, 26 July 2008

How Shall We Fight?

A question every cultural warrior must ask is, how shall I fight? Given the ubiquitous nature of our given enemy, namely Anglo-American feminism, when we consider the nature of our foe it is plain that Anglo feminism is indistinguishable from Anglo culture itself. Anglo culture presents certain modules that allow us to scope out the nature of the foe:

1. Poor relations between the sexes, largely arising from Anglo-Saxon feminism, leading to low birth-rates, male alienation and the failure of trans-generational cultural transmission.
2. A distinct socio-cultural gap between the working and middle classes to produce a vast, profoundly alienated underclass responsible for most crime, Welfare dependency and other social dysfunctions.
3. A general sense of social isolation that derives from insular exaltation of the profit motive, so that the Anglo-American citizen lives in a perpetual state of alienation from his fellows and society and large. Family life and social well –being are neglected in favour of a puritanical work ethic, resulting in widespread anomie, social withdrawal and personal misery.
4. The foregoing factors inhere to produce the least happy, most dangerous young people in the West. Anglo-American young people are a self-proclaimed ‘law unto themselves’, without any sense of public responsibility. ‘The kids know best’ is a widespread – nay, ubiquitous – Anglo-American refrain; unfortunately, they do not – witness the endemic problems of school shooting, teen pregnancy and crime that uniquely afflict the Anglo-Saxon countries. Since they ‘know best’, Anglo youths are culturally untouchable, glibly dismissing the centuries’ accumulated wisdom in favour of mindless, drug-fuelled hedonism and psychopathic sadism.
5. Because of its smug, anti-intellectual stance, the Anglo-American media are particularly adept at infiltrating and manipulating the lower elements in other cultural blocs. By these means, the dysfunctional Anglo-Saxon culture has rapidly poisoned the West to its roots – depressing birth-rates, weakening Traditional values and erasing any higher cultural heritage wherever it settles.
6. In that it lacks any self-awareness, the Anglosphere lacks the ability to recognise or address its own endemic dysfunctions.
7. Grappling with these internal problems, but refusing to acknowledge their sources, the Anglo-American bloc lumbers across the world like a gigantic, blinded beast - bringing terror, destruction and death to everything it touches in pursuit of its matriarchal, plutocratic ‘ideals’. Far from expressing virility and martial strength, this putrid imperialism reveals a sickly culture writhing in its death-throes.

Since Anglo-American feminism is the purest expression of the parent culture, any strategy for defeating Anglo-American feminism involves bringing the Anglo-American bloc down altogether, not striving to correct its inequities. For, once the body is dead, the rotten brain of the beast must perish, also. Our disruptive tactics are derived from Subedei Ba’adur, the great Mongol General of the Thirteenth Century, who crushed the armies of the West. They are sufficiently flexible to be adapted to a variety of circumstances. Here, we apply them to disrupting a feminist website – though of course, they could be applied to disrupting an entire socio-economic system, or any of its aspects:

1. The attackers must undertake detailed reconnaissance work on the target site/forum. Find out who the leaders are, what the prescribed and proscribed attitudes are. Do not skimp on this aspect of battle – measure twice, cut once.
2. Infiltrate the site in disguise. There must be at least three Agent identities adopted – a Player and his Adversary, plus several Sleepers. With skill, a single actor can use all three identities.
3. The Player announces his presence with much fanfare. He starts a number of counter-feminist arguments with the Adversary and the Sleepers, hampering and confounding opposition with incisive logic and links to alternative sites, throwing his opponents off balance.
4. The Adversary suddenly/stealthily switches sides, trapping the enemy Posters between hammer and anvil.
5. All Agents must stay around for as long as possible, causing ‘scorched earth’ damage to every aspect of the target forum.
6. After being banned or leaving in dudgeon, leave a ‘safe’ Sleeper on the forum to monitor the long-term damage.
7. Repeat the process every few months until the forum is decimated. In this way, our enemies will be rendered voiceless.


  1. Some interesting points. You are a dangerous man, I think.

  2. Hey Muzalon, why not try setting up a website, as opposed to a blog, that could serve as a viable alternative to Dick Masterson's menarebetterthanwomen. You would receive far more attention and publicity, and because you're an extremely gifted writer, the written compositions you have produced would finally receive the recognition they deserve. Do yourself a favour and bring what you have to say to the wider public; your words are like well-placed hand grenades exploding under the arseholes of the apathetic.

  3. Sir

    I am doing that very thing as you speak. I do not want to 'muscle in' on Mr Masterson's excellent operation; merely build an alternative approach to the problem of Anglo-American feminism.

  4. Verrrry interesting blog you have here! I can see that you are no friend to anglo-american feminism, and (I suspect) other kinds.

    I shall be dropping by in quest of updates from time to time... :)


  5. Sir

    You are most welcome. There will be much more on the way, believe me.

  6. Your writings are awesome, simply awesome! Have you ever thought of writing a book? It would sell like hot cakes and maybe you could get on some talk shows as well!