Saturday 19 July 2008

The Nazi-Feminist Connection

Marie Stopes, renowned Anglo-Feminist and pioneer of birth-control, was in fact a Nazi. A Nazi is anyone with Nazi beliefs, whether they were card-carrying German Nazis or not. The French FN or British BNP are rightly considered Nazis, even today, long after Hitler’s death. Stopes shared key Nazi beliefs - she was thus a Nazi… simple, really.

Stopes may not have been a member of the Nazi party, but her eugenic views were identical: birth control, abortion and so on, to eliminate people she deemed ‘unfit’. Had she not lived in the Anglo-Saxon world, but in Nazi Germany, she would undoubtedly have been an active and committed Nazi. There is a difference between a chemical engineer attending an engineering conference in Nazi Germany, and a eugenicist attending a population control conference in Nazi Germany: the former remains politically neutral, the latter is inevitably politically engaged. In fact, many early feminists were racists and eugenicists, a fact long swept under the carpet by the liberal establishment. Virginia Woolf was also a Nazi, not just Stopes! Elite women are natural allies of Nazis and other authoritarian creeps, a fact well born out by history. We need a Nuremburg trial for such subhuman filth.

Interestingly, Gandhi was also a racist who detested black people and thought that only the higher social castes deserved human rights. We think the point is with Stopes that her ‘contributions’ to birth control were, as a whole, motivated by entirely different aims than is popularly considered. In the case of Plato, Karl Marx and so on, their contributions were not tarnished by their appalling racist/fascist beliefs (Marx was also a racist and anti-Semite), as their real contributions were in unrelated fields such as logic, philosophy or economics (Virginia Woolf admittedly falls into this category); while Stopes’ entire contribution was an attempt to legitimate and realize her eugenic, Nazi beliefs.

The whole thrust of puritanical Anglo-American Gentile culture is to set women on pedestals as Saints; when we scratch the surface, however, feminist luminaries are often appalling Nazi bigots, at least as bad as the males that feminism excoriates. Virginia Woolf was also a deranged racist, anti-Semite and eugenicist. It is great fun pointing this out to Anglo-feminist pinheads… as it utterly refutes their claim that a female-run world would be morally superior. Just study the social insects to see clear confirmation of that!

Something we have often considered is that Anglo-American women should be made to attend special classes where their racism, homophobia, sexism and entitlement issues would be discussed as a problematic socio-biological legacy, things they would be made to address rationally as innate problems they suffer from, rather like hereditary mental illnesses. Part of the rights/privileges agenda is that Anglo-American women are insufficiently challenged, as the pedestal they have wrangled for themselves sets them somehow above reproach. That pedestal needs to be removed with the utmost urgency.

Yes, men can be racist too - but the point is that female racism is entirely UNTOUCHED in the media or elsewhere (unlike white working class male racism, for instance). Our quarrel with Anglo-American women hinges on the blind eye turned to their racism, homophobia, socio-political privileges and double standards across the Anglosphere - attitudes that informally constrict the rights of others.


  1. The views of these women are not the views of EVERY feminist out there. Also, I want you to prove that all feminists nowadays are racists, nazis, etc. You'll fail.
    It's so useless to point the bad things about these authors as a way to criticize feminism. It's waaaay deeper, my friend, don't be fooled by those ridiculous old writings, we're not in the 60's anymore. I'm not a feminist myself, but I'm pretty sure that most feminists don't give a fuck about all this racist/nazi shit.

  2. Modern feminists are racists too. They just cannot express their views openly. Reclaim the Night marches and IMBRA/VAWA are all implicitly racist initiatives. Much modern feminism has Nazi origins, for example abortion (reconfigured eugenics) and repression (neurotic populations are more pliant to authority - read Wilhelm Reich). All women are fascist because social authority exalts them over low status males.

    1. I do believe Glenn Beck (right-wing 'political commentator') has also confused/ conflated abortion rights with eugenicism. You are in greaaaaat company!!!!

  3. Yep, Marie Stopes was a eugenicist (and admirer of Hitler) AND a feminist - so it's true that that two are not mutually exclusive. It is also possible to be both a feminist AND a racist.

    So imagine a world where you can prove that all feminists are racists... does this make all acts or theories of feminism racist? This is a logical fallacy, or argumentum ad homininem.

    Feminist theory is neither explicitly nor implicitly racist and does not, in itself, advocate or incite racism. It could be argued that much early feminist discourse was exclusively white (and middle class) - it was of its time, with a limited world view and insularity. It unthinkingly excluded ethnic minority and working class women.

    Not a single branch of feminism has Nazi roots. This assertion shows that you misunderstand either Nazism or Feminism. Hitler was not a Feminist. Here are a couple of quotes:

    "There is surely nothing finer than to educate a young thing for oneself; a lass of 18 or 20 years’ old is as pliable as wax. It must be possible for a man to impose his stamp on any girl. Indeed, a woman wants nothing else" - Hitler in 1942 referring to the BDM (female Hitler Youth)

    “the one absolute aim of female education must be with a view to the future mother" - Hitler in Mein Kampf.

    So while I'm not saying anti-feminists are Nazis, most of you share Hitler's facist views on women.

  4. The biggest and worst trait of the anglo feminist nazi. Is when they have the financial means in a relationship and think they can control their partner through various means. And on top of that commit unlimited adultry thinking its "their right" and their "sexual liberation" while on the other hand throwing a fit the moment another female even looks at their partner lets alone if the male partner were to be the one commiting the adultry.

    1. Women are subhuman filth that needs to be enslaved and subjugated. In a sane world women would have no rights and freedoms whatsoever, but would exist purely as decorations, if even that.

      Unfortunately we don't live in a sane world.

  5. Seemily, the Nazis had Virginia's Woolf's name in their black book, marked for death i suppose, in case operation sea lion was a success