Tuesday 17 March 2009

Thug Future? Memes, Genes and Morrissey’s Dilemma

The anthemic ‘How Soon is Now’ by British Indy band The Smiths neatly describes many a young male’s personal dilemma:

You shut your mouth
how can you say
I go about things the wrong way
I am human and I need to be loved
just like everybody else does

There's a club if you'd like to go
you could meet somebody who really loves you
so you go, and you stand on your own
and you leave on your own
and you go home, and you cry
and you want to die

Here are great sentiments of romantic alienation beautifully expressed – but, as with even the best popular culture – this lugubrious masterwork is entirely bereft of analysis. And the briefest analysis will reveal much about the contemporary Anglosphere - and the poisoned gender-relations that prevail therein. Cool, ruthless analysis also reveals the real root of Morrissey’s romantic displeasure.

As a relatively sensitive, intelligent, literate male in a northern English post-industrial slum, the unfortunate Morrissey presumably grew up surrounded by women of low intelligence and education; and such women are interested in only one thing –thugs. Indeed, most young women are attracted to thugs, whether they hail from slums or salubrious suburbs. So Morrissey’s Dilemma – the reason why he is single, shunned and sexless – really has a rather simple explanation. His intelligence, sensitivity and relatively high level of culture – all factors rhetorically extolled by feminists as ‘appealing’ to women – are actually handicaps in trying to attract an Anglo-American woman from the social mainstream. They are solely interested in two types of males: sadistic, sociopathic thugs and swaggering plutocrats.

Of course, they have a right to their preference. However, the fallout from this aberrant exercise of choice intrudes pointedly upon the freedoms of others. Since the sociopathic male is infinitely more likely to desert his partner and their children, the Anglosphere tax-payer has been left to foot the bill for an ever-expanding underclass - dangerous, crime-prone, moronic, ungrateful, Welfare-dependent and generally cretinous (see Professor Daniel Amneus’ ‘The Garbage Generation’). Low-status women shunning males of high genetic quality for low-IQ sociopaths is surely having a dysgenic effect in the West; declining intellectual and moral standards are self- apparent across the Anglosphere.

Above all, the reflexive Anglobitch preference for moronic thugs is causing a socio-demographic disruption that must bring the West to its knees, if it continues unchecked. ‘Love’ is, in sociobiological terms, a neurological trick played on young men in order that couples can rear fit, healthy children in their prime years. ‘Love’ ensures the young male will stay with his mate when she is pregnant and nursing; one thinks of Jaguar Paw in Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto, overcoming enormous obstacles to rescue his drowning wife and child.

Unfortunately, the male’s autonomic nervous system is primed for this intense bonding process only up to the age of twenty-five; it serves little biological purpose thereafter. With young Anglo-American women choosing to shun ‘boring’ (read focused, intelligent, articulate, educated, solvent) males for dangerous thugs, men of higher genetic potential are reaching their thirties having lost the chance to pair-bond in their prime years. But by that time, the deep feelings they should have experienced in a stable relationship have fled forever; they are no longer ‘primed’ for deep commitment. Given the overtly unfair Divorce laws that presently prevail in the Anglosphere, without the irrational spur of ‘love’ such males are unlikely to contribute their stable, productive genes to a society that has served them so poorly.

But if the brightest and best men withdraw their consent from the Anglosphere – this cultural bloc will not (indeed, cannot) survive. A society comprised solely of low-IQ sociopaths must crumble, sooner or later (and probably sooner). It may well be that patriarchy evolved as a social meme closely associated with advanced civilization; mainly because unchecked female ‘choice’ allows sociopathic genes to proliferate beyond a viable level. Certainly, since the State replaced low-status males as the main underclass family ‘provider’, it is plain that the lower echelons of Anglo-American society have lapsed into widespread sociopathy. Restricting female partner-choice would seem to be the primary cornerstone of all advanced societies; for by limiting the proportion of sociopaths, patriarchy indirectly promotes genes for industry, intelligence and self-restraint. Doubtless this is why regulating female sexuality has always been a primary concern of the Abrahamic religions, intimately associated as they are with Western civilization and its myriad achievements.

Let the Western Power Elites take heed: do you want this ancient English-speaking culture to stand or to fall? It is your choice. Keep the best men ‘on side’ and promote their reproductive success, and our culture might weather the storms to come. Ignore them, and it will crumble in decades - if not sooner.


  1. Sad, but probably true: http://www.metaot.com/blogs/venth-3


  2. Rook Kshatriya, you hold remarkable insight. "With young Anglo-American women choosing to shun ‘boring’ (read focused, intelligent, articulate, educated, solvent) males for dangerous thugs, men of higher genetic potential are reaching their thirties having lost the chance to pair-bond in their prime years." I am 27 years old, recently I came to the realisation that I will never be able to love a woman the way I could have in my late teens and early twenties, that part of me seems to have died, the most I could offer a woman now is temporary sexual interest and an affectionate friendship. Only when women reach 30 and decide to look for a husband will they experience the ramifications of their choices, many of us intelligent men will simply not be interested in marrying them.

  3. Once a woman passes 25 she becomes unfortunately less and less attractive. Maybe that is why men over 25 seem less interested?

    I recently met a highly educated female scientist who is unemployed (as I am) due to the outsourcing of jobs. She says that older women get displaced by the younger and prettier. This lady is REALLY interested in getting married. There is schadenfreude in the ramifications of the ramifications of her choices.

    Ahh but I digress. I was watching a Qigong video with an old woman demonstrating the exercises. Normally there is a subconscious contempt for older women, for they no longer hold the power of sex, that magic power that rends a man's heart and soul to shreds. Yet there she was an old woman doing Qigong exercises to maintain her health. Her body was frail and I felt a sudden empathy. During this AHA moment I saw her as a person bound to her lot in life as we all are. She once was pretty and desired, now she is old and unattractive. That must really hurt real bad.

    Ultimately I view radical feminism as a tool of the totalitarian globalist money masters, the banksters, (see www.themoneymasters.com and www.thesecretofoz.com), feminism is an aspect of human psychology that is being exploited, just as the desire for pagan ritual including sexual perversity of the Nazis, was used to destroy German society and wage war, enriching and empowering the money masters even more.

  4. The inspiration for the Wizard of Oz was The Chicago Worlds Fair of 1893. Many say that was the real start of the 20th century because of the many new technological advances first unveiled to the public in mass. These things vastly improved the lives of women and came well before feminism.

    I don't agree with ideas like the gold standard. Fact is gold can be manipulated too.

    Most women are drunk with the idea of getting a super rich guy but her odds are more in line with winning the lotto, she will have a better chance getting hit by lighting more than one than getting her own yellow brick road.

    I will agree the current state of laws concerning marriage make it extremely unattractive to men. Plutocrats, who are few in number, have much too loose doing this. This leaves only the thug left as a choice.
    After the thug she may have a kid of two or three then she may consider the third less attractive choice the intelligent literate male with some modest wealth.
    At any rate society is changing. I do see a growing underclass and I do not see any way of stopping this, it is going to continue to grow in size. That it already in the pipes and cannot be stopped. At some point in the future government handouts that compensate for women breading with low IQ thugs who are not economically successful will dry up because there growing numbers can no longer be supported.

  5. Stop treating these women with kid gloves, spending money on them, complementing them, marrying them, taking care of their myriad children, doing anything other than bedding them before leaving. If you want to marry someone consider foreign women.

  6. Sebastian Hawks9 May 2014 at 18:53

    Some call this generation "Millenials," that author calls them "The Garbage Generation", however, me and my brother have long referred to them as "Generation Bastard" a name which strikes to the very heart of the problem.

  7. It seems that much of the West is trying to prop up its populations with mass immigration from disparate third-world cultures, rather than by promoting the reproductive success of its 'best men'.

    Problem is, many of the migrants have few to no marketable skills...which means that doing this won't help the West maintain its standing.