Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Third World: An Anglobitch Demonstration

In military parlance, a demonstration is a feint with fire. It was often used during the American Civil War to shift defensive firepower in a lateral line away from a concealed attack. Essentially, the manoeuvre was used to distract the enemy's attention from an impending danger.

A new theme in Anglo-American feminism is the Third World, or the sufferings of women in Third World countries such as India or the African continent. Of course, this is partly related to the bourgeois, hypocritical nature of Anglo-American feminism and its idiomatic preoccupations. This explanation, however, is only half the story, for by redirecting public attention to insoluble situations abroad, Anglo feminism is cleverly working a demonstration. What is the ulterior purpose of this feint? The answer is simple: to delude us about contemporary reality in the Anglosphere. The core themes of the feminists' strategy are outlined below:

* To distract attention from the fact that Anglo-American women are now clearly advantaged, having squared rights with privileges.
* To distract attention from the fact that Anglo-American men are now third class citizens in divorce, education and the media.
* To pretend that women are still (or ever were) victimized in Anglo-Saxon countries.
* To distract attention from the negative social fallout from feminism - divorce, family disruption, unemployment and the emergence of a vast, criminal underclass.
* To distract attention from the fact that for working class women (the vast majority), feminism has been an unmitigated catastrophe.

If we consider most feminist websites, for example Feministing and EqualWrites, all are now characterized by studied disinterest in affairs at home in America, Britain, Australia or Canada and an intense preoccupation with issues of no immediate relevance in remote, lawless countries. Here are a few examples from EqualWrites, the Princeton University pro-feminist blog:

* Kuwaiti Women May Obtain Passports without Husband...
* Egyptian University Bans Niqab in All-Female Areas...
* Guinea citizens raped violently during political protest...
* Women in the Military: Changing Standards in Australia...
* Roman Polanski arrested Saturday in Switzerland
* Quick hit: Polish newspaper fined for abortion-related slur...
* Quick links: dating for dogs and anti-burqa talk in Denmark...
* Anti-women's rights campaign triumphs in Mali

What next? Lively, fresh and relevant news items about women's rights on other planets? How about parallel universes? My whole point is, contemporary feminism needs to distract public attention from the catastrophic impact of feminism on the west in general, and the Anglosphere in particular. By these 'demonstrations', academic feminism tries desperately to disguise its own failings.

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  1. Well, I visit those sites frequently.
    Know your enemy and you will be victorious.

    I was wondering why they were so focused on the obscure goings on in remote countries...

    Now I know why.

    It makes perfect sense: They do not focus on anything bad in their own anglosphere. If they did, they would be forced to confront the mess they have made.