Monday, 8 March 2010

GQ: Home of the Anglofag

While running along the beach in Rio one morning, Helio Gracie – the father of Brazilian Ju Jitsu - saw a man drowning. With no thought for his own safety, he instantly plunged into the shark-infested waters, mastered the raging seas with powerful strokes and ultimately dragged the man to shore. As a tragically-aware Latin male, Helio did not need some magazine to tell him how to ‘be a man’ in that situation – he simply was one. However, a cursory glance around the Anglosphere reveals a plethora of 'men's magazines' - GQ, Esquire, Vanity Fair, Playboy and many others - all telling middle class Anglo-American males 'how to be a man' and offering 'role models' of manhood.

Let us examine this. As regular readers of this blog and its associated site know well enough, Anglo-Saxon culture disposes the Anglosphere countries to gynocratic matriarchy - in short, homosociality, misandry and repression. This renders manhood a weak, marginalized force in Anglo culture, with a chronic paucity of masculine role models. Thus, there is little wonder these absurd magazines have arisen, telling Anglo-American males 'how to be men': where masculinity is vilified, such 'how to' guides become tragically essential.

In the Hispanic or Lusitanian cultures, masculinity has never endured such marginalization. This is no doubt why Hemingway set so many of his finest novels in the Hispanic world. As an author extolling a heroic, masculine ethos, the emasculated Anglosphere would have been irrelevant to his purpose. The Old Man and the Sea, for example, necessarily takes a Latin male as its aged but unbowed hero. Indeed, even the concept of fatherhood has been sullied in Anglo-Saxon culture, as an interesting experiment reveals. When Italian people were shown a picture of a man standing in a playground, they thought he was just a father with his children. By contrast, when English people were questioned about the same picture, they all thought the man was a pedophile. When even the universal archetype of the life-giving, protective Father is so besmirched, how can Anglo-Saxon nations expect their men to ever assume a confident masculine identity?

In such disagreeable circumstances, men do not - indeed, can not: and this is where these absurd 'men's magazines' step in, with their latent homosexual 'man of the year' lists and weak, mangina 'role models'. Such absurd 'manhood manuals' timidly negotiate the all-pervasive, institutionalized misandry that rules the gynocratic Anglosphere.

One feature of these magazines is especially amusing. They often feature ‘depth interviews’ with beautiful young women, as though their vapid views held intrinsic interest. As we all know, if Megan Fox were an obese fifty-five year old mother of three, her vaunted opinions would be seen for they are – utter garbage. Sexual allure, however, imbues her fatuous views with some kind of ‘weight’ - as though she were individuated and urbane, not some programmed clothes-horse. One is reminded of those nubile young women who vainly believe they get promotions and pay rises for their brains or ability – not short skirts and high heels. Of course, in early middle age their true worthlessness is cruelly exposed for all to see, which is why so many women suffer a ‘life crisis’ at that age.

To retain any level of manly integrity, these publications should just run porn-shots of Megan and her soulless sisters - after all, their only value is as sexual objects. Beauty is their sole bargaining chip in the poker game of life, without which their vapid opinions would be completely ignored. Thus, parading mindless sluts like Megan and Sienna as mere masturbation objects makes perfect sense – indeed, it displays not primitive animalism but premium existential integrity.


  1. Straight forward, to the point, and brutally honest.


  2. If only more so called mens blogs and forums could freely allow such unvarnished and unapologetic expressions of mens truths as we find here.

    If only !

  3. Poiuyt

    Thank you for your kind words. However, most men who come here are not the type who need GQ, Vanity Fair or Roissy in DC to tell them 'how to be men'. That gives me a certain leeway.

    I feel I have fully expressed the Anglobitch Thesis, now. And so I feel free to move beyond explaining the core concepts to a higher level of discourse - a fully-integrated and self-aware level far beyond anything else in Men's Studies.

  4. Great article Rookh! What do you think of the theory that it is "alpha males" pulling the strings behind all of this gynocentry and matriarchy?

  5. *What do you think of the theory that it is "alpha males" pulling the strings behind all of this gynocentry and matriarchy?*

    I don't really believe in conspiracy theories. However, that said, alpha males will always orchestrate society in favor of women and against the rest of the male population in order to maximize their own reproductive opportunities (and minimize those of other males).

    Mind you, I don't really accept the PUA definition of an alpha male, anyway. Loud guys in leather coats don't rule society, they just attract women. The guys that run society dress in women's clothes once a year at places like Bohemian Grove, and their sole remit is to maximize corporate profits. In my view, 'liberating' women was just a ploy to create more passive consumers of unnecessary products and thus more profits for multinationals... not to mention liberating more cheap, non-unionized labor, further weakening the masses' position. And of course, Anglo culture is inherently misandrist anyway, for complex reasons of history and religion, not to mention the self-organizing non-linear feedbacks from biological imperatives that define every civilization.

    In my view, the elites are now getting worried about the state of the Anglosphere. The emergence of a post-feminist, pan-Anglosphere underclass must concern them, since an underclass is by definition outside their control. In Britain, managing the underclass costs over £100 billion a year which is surely contributing to economic/political instability and other fallout. The elite have unleashed a tiger they can no longer control: the long-term problems are starting to outweigh the short-term gains. If feminism was a cogent plan, it has backfired disastrously. Quite aside from which, mass male alienation from the Anglosphere matriarchies must be worrying enough for them: without men 'on side', advanced societies cannot function, since women lack the essential maintenance skills. Women can function in a man-created civilization, but they cannot create/maintain one... observe everywhere the results.

  6. "In my view, the elites are now getting worried about the state of the Anglosphere."

    I am curious as to who it was that persuaded the police to move from concealed truncheon culture, to full on combat tazer gear? Was it the police, fearful of the armed gang culture; or was it the politicians, who finally worked out the result of 2+2.

    If it is the latter, then we can conclude that the feminist experiment must be in its final stage. As I believe that fascism is inherently unstable, due to the vanity of individuals, it has to implode or be perpetually pumped up. Therefore our state has to enter an anti-male draconian police phase in order to survive. Expect more 'gang', rape, paedophile, and terror story propaganda, to keep the 'democracy' in focus.

  7. Speaking of lists, for curiosity's sake would you would care to post a list of the top 10 or 20 best role models of masculinity (I wonder if they should be purely historical or if literary figures should factor in there). As a woman that's a list I would like to get from several guys, just to know their idea of what a real man is.

  8. The best male role model in history:


    He slayed the medusa!!!

    (Get the symbolism...)

  9. The model of true masculinity always derives from two sources, the warrior and the ascetic. Preening voluptuaries are irrelevant. The following list presents a goodly selection of great men, defined by steadfastness, integrity and courage:

    *General Robert E Lee, confederate commander.
    *Henry V, English King and warrior.
    *Simon de Montfort, true founder of Anglo-American democracy. Americans, Google him.
    *Saint Thomas Moore, scholar and moralist.
    *Rudyard Kipling, author and political philosopher.
    *Herman Melville, creative genius who endured great personal adversity.
    *Erwin Rommel, fearless warrior in all ways - personal, physical and moral.
    *Rocky Marciano, boxer and anti-racist.
    *Helio Gracie, founder and creator of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
    *Robert the Bruce, Scottish King, warrior and patriot.
    *Thomas Jefferson, American scholar and politician.
    *Ernst Juenger, Germany's most decorated soldier from WWI. Author, philosopher and anti-Nazi.
    *George Washington, first and greatest American President.
    *Hektor, Trojan warrior from Homer's Iliad.
    *Stonewall Jackson, Confederate general.
    *Crazy Horse, Native American patriot.
    *Horatio Nelson, English Admiral.
    *Winston Churchill, British politician and historian.
    *Michael Collins, Irish nationalist and soldier.
    *Abraham Lincoln, US President.
    *Ernest Shackleton, British explorer.
    *Hadrian, Roman Emperor and soldier.

  10. Hello from Ukraine !

    This the very interesting Blog !

    And you know, I say you good luck in dealing with such a Western poison as overt feminism, it not for me, or the girls of Ukraine, we are traditional, proud to be !



  11. "In my view, the elites are now getting worried about the state of the Anglosphere. The emergence of a post-feminist, pan-Anglosphere underclass must concern them, since an underclass is by definition outside their control."

    I can give you a microcosmic example of this, look at the online dating sites. You'll be amazed how many of them are advertising discounts and freebies for men this year.

    From one year to the next, I see them desperately trying to lure the males back in. I don't know what it is, but it seems men are waking up to the insanity of women in mass droves and are becoming increasingly ALIENATED and disenfranchised to these online dating sites in alarming frequency.

    It's almost terrifying in its scope.

    I'm serious. It's like this loud, deafening church bell just rang in all these men's ears, awaking them from their stupor. I have never seen such desperation from these sites and I have been perusing them in futility for YEARS.

    It's like these boys have suddenly awakened from a nightmare and are running away from these sites like they would from a raging tiger.

    And like the elitists you mentioned in your article, the owners of these sites are running scared. Nay, I would say that they are TERRIFIED by what they see. With the departure of the males they have encouraged women to snub, their profits are running bone dry by the second.

    I see messages and signs such as, "We need men! Eighty percent discount for all males!" Some of them are even offering to allow men to sign up for a premium membership for FREE! For a limited time, of course.

    This is unprecedented, such a business manuever would have been tantamount to suicide just last year but now out of the freaking blue, I am seeing so many sites doing just that, pleading and begging for the males to return.

    In a way, the elitists are facing a similar situation. Much how the owners of these dating sites cannot sustain their businesses with females indefinitely, so the elitists are unable to sustain their crumbling empires.

    However, to the business owners' credit, at least they have the common sense to try and reach out to the males they previously didn't give a damn about.

    The elitists will make no such move. Either because they want to see their own empires crumble as an excuse to establish some New World Order, or because they are too proud and arrogant to admit what is happening and what must be done, things will only get worse from a societal standpoint.

    Although, I don't see a good forecast for the dating sites either. Their frantic efforts to reach out to the men they and their female clientele scorned and neglected for so long are too little, too late.

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