Thursday 1 June 2017

No Osama Bin Laden: Was Salman Abedi really just Sexually Disenfranchised?

Salman Abedi: was the young bomber an Islamic Terrorist or Englightened Incel?

Now we know a little more about Salman Abedi, perpetrator of the Ariana Grande concert bombings in the UK, he looks ever less like an Islamic terrorist and ever more like an American school shooter with a grievance against women.

I suspected this the moment I learned his primary targets were the obnoxious 'backbone' of Anglo-American society: teenage girls. We also know he was sent home from school for punching a teenage girl in the face. It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to work out Abedi was no fan of Anglo-American girls.

Of course, Islamist beliefs also inspired his murderous act. However, it could also be argued that his Muslim beliefs also primed him to challenge the female entitlement culture that rules the Anglosphere. After all, the concert he attacked was a gynocentric, homosocial festival of female ‘empowerment’.  Indeed, even the British media felt moved to comment that his intended victims – teen girls – seemed strangely ‘specific’ for an Islamist with a generic grievance against western society. The wave of public outrage that engulfed the Anglosphere in the wake of Abedi’s attack was driven partly by the nature of his targets; after all, teenaged white girls are an exalted demographic in Anglo-American culture. 

Ariana Grande: Had Abedi simply worked out 
that girls like this were unattainable to him?

We have already ascertained that Abedi, somewhat predictably, had no wife or girlfriend. Again, this sets him squarely among the ranks of college and school shooters, who are invariably marked by an inability to form relationships and long-term sexual disenfranchisement. It seems that he flirted with a party lifestyle before becoming a Jihadi, getting drunk and taking drugs but never managing to acquire a willing sexual partner. One suspects that female sexual indifference alienated him from this lifestyle, leading him to a basic (if fuzzy) grasp of the West’s endemic Sexual False Consciousness. In other words, his ‘conversion’ was as much a coping strategy for romantic failure as it was an expression of religious faith.

Predictably, the foregoing points will be completely ignored in ‘mainstream’ discussions of Abedi’s motivations. Admitting that male sexual disenfranchisement and alienation are major problems in the Anglosphere would create too many ‘waves’ in this culture, undermining its self-image as a haven of ‘liberation’ and ‘progress’. 

The Anglo Media predictably framed the bombing
in 'Women, Good, Men Bad' terms

Putting the case in the simplest terms, does anyone seriously believe Abedi would have attacked the Ariana Grande concert if he had been enjoying regular orgies with nubile teens?

Almost certainly not.

Abedi takes out his trash before the bombing: 
his life seemingly contained very few orgies.

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