Sunday, 4 June 2017

The Shadows of a Dream: The Rise and Rise of the Anglobitch Thesis

When I started this blog ten years ago, it was my intention to create waves and cast shadows across the Manosphere. I knew my key insight – that Anglo-American culture’s mistrust of sexual freedom had created an especially misandrist, belligerent form of feminism – was entirely correct, and needed disseminating. Far from being ‘revolutionary’, as tradcon MRAs believe, Anglo-American feminism springs right from the frigid heart of Anglo-American civilization. This explains the unstinting support feminism receives from the state in all Anglo-Saxon countries, and why all attempts to resist it have proved so utterly futile. There never was a ‘golden age’ of gender relations in the Anglosphere; the puritanical Anglo-Saxon cultural bloc has been pedestalizing women and vilifying men for centuries, and thinking men have resisted this tendency for just as long.

When I began this blog, it was always my hope that thinking men in the different Anglo-Saxon nations would interpret my core concepts in their own way, and that different writers would develop them in new and interesting directions. Now, this dream has come to pass. As seeds are scattered by the wind to birth new forests, new scholars and writers have begun to develop an online Anglobitch movement with an intellectual integrity of its own. 

Foremost among these is the New Modern Man, an American blogger who has thrown off the misandrist shackles of American society for a new life in the Caribbean. Since most of my readers are based in North America, the national specificity of the NMM’s articles will be close to their hearts. He moves beyond my own strictly theoretical approach, offering life-coaching for Anglo males who really want that new life of true sexual freedom abroad. Yes, we all know the Anglosphere sucks for men but what do we do about it?  Here are links to some of his best articles:

And here is an incredible article about Anglo women he wrote for the famous manosphere hub, Return of Kings:

Speaking of ROK, here are two more excellent articles by other ROK writers which are unambiguously influenced by the Anglobitch Thesis:

Indeed, this sweet assortment is just the tip of the iceberg, because ROK is literally bursting with Anglobitch-derived material.



  1. Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary Rookh. I started reading your blog back in 2008. You really hit the nail on the head with your insights on feminism and Anglo bitches.

    I hope you write another book soon. We need more men like you to write not only blogs but books as well on feminism and why Anglo women act they way they do and what men can do about it.

  2. Rookh, do you think the Anglobitch phenomenon is on the retreat across the world. With the decline of America and the rise of Russia and China into the new world order, I think the dominance of the Anglo-world is coming to an end.

    1. I think the Anglosphere still has much residual military, intellectual and technical prowess (though those are declining relative to the powers you mention). However, Anglo-American countries fail to recognise that without male goodwill and participation, no society can survive for very long. Narcissistic feminists with purple hair and womyn's studies degrees won't maintain computer networks, build roads or fly planes - only men will do that. Yet the American elites see men as expendable trash and exalt the feminists at every turn, then wonder why nothing works properly.

      One of the great strengths of Islam (now the West's primary adversary) is the respect it has for men, as opposed to Western Protestant Christianity. America's pedestalization of women and vilification of men has produced a situation where males like the NMM prefer to 'Go Galt' or emigrate rather than contribute to a nation that offers them nothing. In fact, I would argue that America's recent decline owes a great deal to male discontent and alienation.

  3. Rookh/Gigalax,

    You'll find that the Anglosphere will become more like Mexico and Brazil over time. Not completely destitute societies, more like dysfunctional low-trust societies with large groups of men who don't care about contributing to society due to 1) not being raised to do so effectively and 2) due to a relatively dysfunctional economy. You already see that in America, where many men no longer enjoy stable employment and thus lack an incentive to have families, even without accounting for dysfunctional AW's.

    Problem is, neither China nor Russia are yet in a position to supplant the West, while the Islamic world has severe problems.

    Ah well, at least AW might improve when that happens...

    1. Exactly right, Rick. Coupland's novel Generation X discussed this tendency as early as 1991; he called the observable slide in Anglo-American living standards 'Brazilification', a trend leading to low levels of social trust, personal insecurity, political instability and extreme economic inequality (I would add mass sexual disenfranchisement and singleness to that list).

      This is a very interesting article about it but the situation will soon be far worse:

    2. Rookh,

      I very much agree but what worsens the situation is the Anglosphere's anti-male puritan dynamic, rabid strain of feminism and inherent cliquishness. Brazil and Mexico are very much structured among class and racial lines, but they don't seem to stick to small, entrenched social groups the way Anglos do. IOW, Anglos, especially the Millenials, nowadays make friends by age 18 and not after.

      So basically, a Brazilified America IMO will have all of Brazil's economic issues while retaining most of America's social issues. The only upside is that women in Brazilified countries retain some respect for men as providers, since provider-types are rare in Brazil and Mexico. I hence expect that AW will somewhat value provider-types again in future (beyond gold-digging).

    3. Rick

      The UK sociologist Anthony Giddens writes a lot about Anglo cliquishness; he calls it 'structuration' and views it as a distinct feature of Anglo culture (although it is stronger in the UK than anywhere else). The Anglo 'generation gap', the gender divide and of course the divisions between socio-economic classes are all manifestations of it. In some ways, as I have written elsewhere, structuration makes the Anglosphere nations more like Third World countries; in sum, Anglo culture is inflexible, 'brittle' and lacks resilience. The anti-male puritanism, misandrist feminism and structuration are like tectonic plates grinding together yet Anglo culture lacks the requisite self-awareness to address its instrinic (and potentially calamitous) problems.

  4. Are you still going to write blog posts? There many women out there who need to be exposed for what they do and how they think...