Wednesday 31 January 2018

The Warden’s Tale: Why Expatriation from the Anglosphere is now the sole remaining hope for Anglo-American Men - Part 1

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A poster called Lawrence has written a brilliant defence of the Anglobitch Thesis. As an American expatriate and former prison worker, Lawrence has unique insight into the terrible state of modern gender relations across the Anglosphere. His piece was over 10 000 words  in length, and placed as multiple comments on the previous post by Legal Eagle. Therefore I will repost it here in several parts, to be appreciated in its full glory:

Applause for Legal Eagle’s intelligent and historically informed perspective here. A US-based old buddy of mine got wind of this Blog and suggested I contrib my own frightening observations as a prison guard to add to what Legal Eagle said, ‘cuz I’ve seen the neo-slavery impositions of the Anglosphere and specifically American “family law” system on American men, up close and personal, in their full brutality. Legal Eagle is dead right, the Anglosphere really is a uniquely dangerous death trap, in every way, for any man who dares to even attempt a relationship with women, and especially for those poor souls who become husbands or fathers particularly in the US. Expatriation, as he said, really is the only option now. 

And I’ll underline something else he said because everyone here needs to be well aware of this for your own protection, as someone who’s seen too many wealthy and upstanding American men literally enslaved in US prisons after divorce: the greatest danger for men in the Anglosphere is actually for wealthy men and professional men (and oddly enough, for a growing share of non-feminist non-crazy women), above all those with fiscal discipline, lots of savings, investments, assets and earning potential. For most potential hazards, your wealth and assets protect you, but it’s the opposite in the upside down world of Anglosphere family law. For wealthy and well-paid American men and their peers in the Anglosphere, marriage, having a kid and yes, now in #metoo world even striking up a conversation or hooking up with women paint a huge, ugly red bullseye on your back for the lunatic family court system in North America to come after you and profit at your expense. Not just to take your assets and impoverish you, which they absolutely do and which family law gives them full power to do, but also to toss you into prison. Yes, rich, upper-class and professional men not only robbed of their assets under full cover of law, but also thrown in jail, a tyrannical practice unique to the Anglosphere. 

I know because I’ve seen this with my own eyes year after year with horrible repetition, and often for kids that weren’t even from the imprisoned “father”. Forgive the wall-of-text I’ll be putting up here, but I feel like men in the Anglosphere, above all the USA don’t understand the very real threat to their very livelihoods and even status of free citizens they’re facing if they marry, have a kid or in today’s #metoo inflamed world, even associate with women who can later hit them with harassment charges. I doubt that even Legal Eagle, despite his wisdom from practicing family law, could really see this at a gut level. The MGTOW’s are correct in the corruption they’ve identified in the divorce court system, but even most of them don’t see the horrible path this corrupt system eventually leads to. However, it is something you see as a prison guard with your jail cells filled with men who committed no crime, confined there because US, Canadian and British family courts have imposed impossible financial demands on them, literally making them slaves for the prison-industrial complex to profit off of. This is one of the ugliest sides of the society wide disaster that the Anglobitch culture has given rise to, and Rookh was well ahead of his time in putting many of the threads together. In my former line of work, I saw the horrible, kafka-esque end result of Anglo misandry and feminazi feminism: total impoverishing, a jail cell, literal slavery, even for wealthy and highly skilled men. In fact, ESPECIALLY for wealthy and highly skilled Anglo men, who are this corrupt machine’s favorite targets in America and the Anglosphere.

Here’s some background. Before I myself went the expat route a few years ago, I had a job for about 10 years as a corrections officer, building up some savings and then later as a flexible shift job while taking correspondence courses in computer graphic and Web design and finishing a Master’s in database management. I really wasn’t a traditional fit personality wise for a corrections officer, I’ve always been bookish and nerdy and not really into rapping knuckles. But my family has been in law enforcement for a few generations and prison guarding can be a decently paid gig. So I used the job not only to make money but also observe the US justice system up close, which I would later be able to generalize to much of the Anglosphere. 

And here I have to warn you, if there is any job that will redpill you from your 1st month on the job into becoming an MGTOW, it’s being a prison guard. Because you see the effects of the legal Weapon of Mass Destruction that is US divorce courts and family courts generally right up close. That’s because the large, large majority of the prisoners we watch over in our jobs aren’t violent, aren’t dangerous, aren’t even really criminal. They’re either tossed in the slammer for the “crime” of minor drug possession (not dealing, just personal possession) or more and more, for contempt of court due to failure to make alimony or child support payments. And yes, this is a uniquely Anglosphere practice, mainly US, Canada and Britain. The rate of such imprisonments in France where I now live and work, and every other country in Europe? Or South America which follows French and Roman legal tradition? 0%. They simply don’t do that to men here. 

And yes it gets worse for anyone in the Anglosphere, like Legal Eagle said a terribly big fraction of the men in US or UK prisons for child or spousal support payments? They’re wealthy and upper-class men, because their assets give the family kangaroo courts wide authority to impose outrageous and impossible payment demands on them. This is due to a family judge practice called “imputation”, which essentially means the judge, completely ignorant of real economics of actual job and earning potential for a man hit with a divorce suit, can pull a random number out of her ass and tell the man, “this is what you should be earning”. And this makes upper class and especially rich men particularly vulnerable to an enslavement by the family courts. While there are some idiot white knight male family court judges who do this, it’s mainly naïve feminist female family court judges who see a man who’s wealthy or has been at some point, and automatically assume the guy can grow money on trees. They’re not only feminist idiots, they’re ignorant about business, real hard work or what it actually takes to earn a lot of money, and how risky and uncertain, famine to feast a high-earning position or job is. So ironically it’s the wealthier men who are hit the hardest by family court judgments since the judge can impute any ridiculous fantasy of what he “should” earn out of her ass, regardless of reality, and she’ll always pick an outrageously high demand. Then with any dip in the man’s fortunes or the broader economy, he of course can’t make the impossible imputed payments, and then boom, it’s off to jail for the “deadbeat” man even if he’s been a model citizen. I saw this there in the prisons I worked at, day in, day out. And no, it’s not a bug. It’s a feature of the insane Anglosphere system. Why you ask?

Chew on this stat for a moment, the United States of America has by a long shot the highest incarceration rate in the world, about 4 percent of the world population but getting close to 30 percent of its prisoners, with about 1% of our population in prison in any given year and, depending on the study, up to a fifth or even a fourth—that’s 20 to 25 percent—of the US population being jailed for one reason or another at some point as either an adult or a juvenile, in most cases for charges that turn out to be trumped up or (as with child support) involve the hazy concept of “contempt”. (And crazy enough, sometimes the Americans in jail are the “lucky ones”, the USA also has the highest rate of citizens being shot by our own cops for complete misunderstandings or trivialities, and whites face just as much danger as minorities for that these days). And the US imprisonment rate is still rising. In fact, the United States with 320 million people has more prison inmates than China and India put together, even though these 2 countries have 2.5 billion people between them! The reason is obvious: Money. There really is a prison-industrial complex in the USA, I know because I was a part of it. And it really does make big money for a lot of people in control of it. It’s the modern day update of the old plantation slave labor system. 

The catch of it is, to make money from a slave economy, you need lots and lots of slaves, and you don’t want them to be too violent or dangerous either. But then how do you get normal, law-abiding men (and also many women) into the heavily profitable US prison slave system, when jail is only supposed to be for criminals or bad guys? The answer, you simply fill up the prisons with people, mainly men and preferably white men, who aren’t actually criminals, but who can be tossed into jail for victimless “crimes” like drug possession. And for simply doing the thing that humans are biologically programmed for—having relationships with women and fathering children. So how to drive these decent law-abiding men into the slave plantations of US prisons? Simple. Create a vicious, misandrist culture in the USA, and the Anglosphere more generally where men and particularly white men are vilified, demonized and turned into objects of hatred and scorn, encourage women at every opportunity to divorce men and “sock it to ‘em” in divorce court, and now with #metoo, encourage women all over the workplace, bars, gyms, wherever to start a massive witch hunt against men for simple flirtation or even looking at them, while lobbying to make the vaguely defined “sexual misconduct” charge (that is, it’s whatever a feminazi decides it is) into a punishable offense. And there you have it, millions of American men and other Anglosphere men ripe for confinement in the lucrative slave complexes of the Anglosphere, which we call penitentiaries. 

Because that’s what the insane, bloodthirsty family court madness of the US Anglosphere is—an unholy alliance of profiteering interests that unites radical feminists and cultural Marxists, with government bureaucrats, with corporations and big business who want to make huge profits off slave labor, and with the mainstream media and social media that has created a politically incorrect object of hatred that’s ripe for targeting and enslavement—the men of the Anglosphere, especially white men. (Notice how quick Mark Zuckerberg was to bow to radical feminist pressure in censoring “fake news” on Facebook—he wants to align social media as much as possible with the same misandrist hatred that rules the MSM and academia).

And above all, this Anglosphere and above US alliance of dirty interests targets wealthy white men and a few uppity Asian-American men for “diversity” (I’ve seen this too in the prisons), after all you guys have far more wealth and assets for the state and the gold-digging woman in family court to plunder, much more to drain you dry of before they toss you into prison where you can make a bunch of fat cats even more profit as a slave. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a public prison or a private prison, the US and Anglosphere war on husbands, fathers and men on general is all about the money, ultimately, and they need slaves to make the big money.

This is why you truly cannot risk marriage or child-rearing in the US or the English language nations just like Legal Eagle was warning. Above all if you’re wealthy and have a lot to lose. Like Legal Eagle also said, prenuptial agreements don’t really help because they’re not designed to, the Anglosphere needs you as a slave that the vultures in power can get rich pickings off of. And the numbers back it up. In many of the American prisons I got assigned to, outside of the drug offenders-- another nonviolent noncriminal group wrongly incarcerated at outrageous rates—MORE THAN HALF of our inmates were men incarcerated for falling behind on child support or alimony, or hit with questionable domestic abuse or sexual misconduct allegations. (And to make this figure even more terrifying, as it should be if you’re even considering marriage or child-rearing in the US, all this was BEFORE the #metoo craze which is going to send those numbers up even higher). The US really is a banana republic particularly in its prison-industrial complex, but without the nice weather, beaches, good food and sweet pretty ladies of the countries usually labeled banana republics.

I know I’m sounding grim with all this, but I’m trying to be honest about all this and give you all warnings of the real horrors you’re exposing yourself to with marriage or child-bearing in the English-speaking world, and nowadays even with male-female associations, because courts in the Anglosphere from then on, into the indefinite future, have real power to take away your assets and literally enslave you as a prison inmate. To put this another way, what Legal Eagle was saying in his post, about how men in the Anglosphere become slaves as soon as they get married or have a kid—I’m not sure how much even he realized that this isn’t just a metaphor. It literally is true, and once you’ve been cleaned out financially, you’re ripe for the slave market of a US family court that will assign you to your slave plantation—an American prison.

At one point in my corrections officer job, the incarceration of men for child support and alimony arrears got so bad that a group of us prison guards came to the warden, complaining that we were being unethically ordered to guard men who really weren’t a threat and who should have never been sent to jail. Once imprisoned, they usually lost their professional licenses, their driver’s licenses, became unemployable so they just wound up back there again. The warden just shook his head, he knew how corrupt the system is, how the US family courts, media, politicians, universities, feminists and the prison execs all work hand in glove to profit off the US slave economy fueled by all the husbands and fathers tossed into prison. How it creates sick incentives that encourage divorce and profiteering. (This is another reason the US divorce rate is by far the highest all over the world, so much money is made from it). But the warden knew he was powerless to reform it. Just like we were as guards. The vultures of the Anglosphere want their prison slaves, and husbands and fathers are an easy target.

I will be posting Part II of this brilliant and insightful article soon.



  1. Ok. Interesting stuff. BUT. It seems to me that women seek underclass men - not well todo men. Sure, there are gold diggers out there, but aren't the thug chasers more prevalent? That is a question.

    I suppose one could argue that single mom's raise criminals, so the more single mom's there are, the more criminals to feed the prisons...

    How does this explain the welfare state that other blogs talk about - is there even a welfare state?

    I agree with the #MeToo petty mindless vindictiveness...but won't that further discourage men from marrying? Once they see the true hatred of the AngloBitch?

  2. You don't hear that many horror stories about Family Court in Ontario because a large percentage of the falsely accused men end up jumping the tracks at the TTC every rush hour as a final "F***You" to society (by cuasing a subway delay).

  3. Canada is by far,the worst