Saturday, 23 February 2019

Why do Filicidal, Homosocial, Misandrist and anti-Life Anglo Women Even Exist?

I have been pondering a deep problem: why do Anglo-American women still exist, given their obvious anti-life, anti-male, selfish, homosocial and filicidal (child murdering) tendencies?   It is an interesting question. According to evolutionary theory, misandrist and selfish women with a strong aversion to bearing or raising children should have died out long ago. Yet since they do exist, why do they exhibit such 'unnatural' misandrist and filicidal behaviour?

A thorny riddle indeed. How can grossly unnatural behaviour become normalised among the mass of Anglo-American women in such a short time? Surely such a thing goes against all evolutionary theory? However, these monstrous Anglobitch tendencies are not wholly unnatural, as such. We should rather consider them a perverse caricature of natural female instincts: an extreme and unnatural form of hypergamy.

Unique to the Anglosphere, this 'hyper-hypergamy' is created and sustained by the extreme inequality in Anglosphere countries (where a far higher proportion of males fall into the 'undesirable' bracket) compared to more egalitarian regions. Beyond this, residual repression in Anglo countries inflates women's SMV (Sexual Market Value) to insane levels, creating a seller's market for sex.  The sexless Disneyland tone of the Anglosphere means that all Anglo-American women grow up with impossible fantasies of ideal love as natural expectations. And because of the SMV imbalance, even 300 pound landwhales riddled with STDs think they are 'too good' to breed with solvent, law-abiding, educated men.

She decides whether you're fit to breed, guys...

Finally, the high cultural status of the Anglosphere (with its distinctive colonial heritage) makes the eugenic pressure on Anglo-American men even greater. Average men are not good enough to breed in such an exalted region; instead, low status males and their children are considered disposable trash to either be aborted or denied existence altogether. Of course, the rise of advanced reproductive medicine has gifted women total eugenic control over these decisions. As with so many things, the puritan undercurrents of the Anglosphere have perverted natural female instincts into monstrous caricatures while misandrist Common Law and Anglo empirical machine-culture have armed them with near infinite power to impose them on society at large.

Abortion is the most important manifestation of these hyper-hypergamous tendencies. Killing low-status men's children is a very direct form of eugenics yet is always couched in terms of 'choice'. However, when redefined as an expression of hyper-hypergamy the West's abortion-industry makes a lot more sense. The same can be said of sperm donation and its increasingly stringent demands on donors. Men must be young, healthy, tall, educated and (usually) white if they want to reproduce; while fat, stupid women with clod degrees sit in judgement on the sex who created and maintain all civilisation.

The concept of hyper-hypergamy helps us understand how how - with the help of puritanism, repression, reproductive medicine and high socio-cultural inequality - perversity became normal in just a few decades.


  1. while fat, stupid women with clod degrees sit in judgement on the sex who created and maintain all civilisation.

    Dang...nailed it.

  2. What a shame, that women - of any size - run around mostly naked. As for the fat woman, there's a sturdiness about her. And why should she settle for some pee-wee to sire her sons?

    1. Frankly I hope somebody with her girth settles for nobody.

      Rookh, the answer to your question is that 1) Anglo feminists typically live a long time and 2) just because they die out doesn't mean that their attitudes do. Their attitudes can be spread and perpetuated through various outlets (such as the media) like a self-replicating virus.

    2. I agree that they can continue to spread their venom after the Wall/menopause and that, women being 'the meme sex', they will continue to find a ready audience for their views. However, from an evolutionary perspective it is still hard to grasp how such filicidal misandry is so widespread among Anglo women in the first place; or why such anti-life memes are so widely accepted, even by women of breeding age.

    3. I think all women should not be allowed to wear clothes Sue.

  3. After looking at that fat woman in a bikini, I don't know whether or not I should laugh ...... or vomit!