Sunday 10 May 2009

Chavs, Neurotypes and Anglobitches – The Death of Our Civilisation

The New Sociopathic/Narcissistic game of low-IQ life in the declining Anglosphere

Autistic traits were once - if perhaps not normative - much more widespread than they are today. Hence many traditional institutions have well-integrated autistic traits (formal academic education for instance, which is now entirely irrelevant to the narcissistic majority); since they date from an era when autistic traits (marginalized today) exerted a more central social influence.

The intellectual, abstract type complains much about lack of relationships and personal failure (especially men, who bear the brunt of reproductive competition). However, they are just maladjusted to a new 'neuro-reality' unfolding around us. For good or ill, this new reality - which extols (and promotes) low abstract intelligence (IQ) but high social intelligence (sociopathy and narcissism) - will ultimately be incapable of sustaining the core functions of civilization. This is why western (especially Anglo-Saxon) countries increasingly have to employ people from non-narcissist cultures (especially the Far East and India) to do the mental spade-work required to keep things ticking over.

Social change is caused by cyclic waves of neuro-genetic re-population and we are living through a massive one now; perhaps the biggest since the industrial revolution, when autistic genes began to proliferate. Today, however, narcissism (and to a lesser extent psychopathy) are now the prevailing values. Look at any Anglo-Saxon country: it is quite obvious that narcissists with the attention-spans of goldfish are breeding like rats. The Flynn Effect reached a peak in 1990; and the subsequent decline of the western IQ is intimately associated with the rise of the narcissistic sociopath in every Anglophone country. By contrast, high functioning autistics are a dwindling group because of their low birthrates and general lack of success. They adhere to the old post war consensus and its values, increasingly meaningless fossils in the new narcissist empire.

The key to this ‘neuro-takeover’ is Anglo-American, or 'Anglobitch', feminism. Because women 'naturally' eschew males of high intelligence or emotional stability and prefer low IQ thugs (a demonstrated fact), female emancipation of sexual choice instantly boosted the narcissist/sociopath population from the late 60s onward. And this in turn led to the creation of a narcissist/sociopath culture to placate them, the American Idol 'instant fix'. This is why the ancients insisted on strict regulation of female sexuality, they knew that unchecked female sexual preference was inconsistent with civilization. These factors may be implicated in the rise and fall of civilizations (or phases in the same civilzation):

•Advanced industrial society emerges, leading to wealth and lifestyle decadence.
•The old autistic skills of hard work and abstract intelligence used to create the industrial society are eclipsed by social intelligence and the narcissist media culture locks into place. Now everyone is 'special', 'chosen' and a 'star' - no matter how ugly, stupid or talentless.
•Women are sexually emancipated, boosting the narcissistic population with their Thug Preference. Matriarchy becomes dominant among the burgeoning urban underclass; women from this class produce dangerous tribes of low-IQ, dysfunctional children using a polyandrous gaggle of shiftless fathers.
•The Flynn Effect reaches a peak. Then IQ rapidly declines. There is permeation of society by unstable Chav/Wigga dummies and universal social/cultural decline. Mass immigration further weakens what remains of cultural cohesion. This is our present situation.

A father any child could be proud of...

Although this model is trite, is plausibly suggests how matriarchal feminism and cycling neurotypes are implicated in the process of cultural growth and decline. However, the collapse of our own advanced post-industrial civilization will have permanent repercussions on the environment; moreover, the fall of the West will see the torch of progress and endeavor pass to the East for the first time in centuries.

If only the Sixties 'progressives' had known: when men relinquish control of female sexuality, the stage is set not for Utopia but for Anarchy, Chavdom and the fall of civilization. Smart move, hippies.

They will be 'running society' in a few years - a chilling thought


  1. Wow, maybe it's time to move out the anglo countries and into more "man friendly" countries.

  2. There are plenty of able American men to do the jobs being shipped out to Asia. The middle class is being eaten by the totalitarian global marxist agenda.

    The similarity between the rise of Nazi Germany and contemporary America is frightening. You can download a copy of "The Pink Swastika" for free from the web. This will connect the dots.

    Also check out

  3. As a male, let me tell you this has nothing to do with civilization and everything to do with indidual bitterness and contempt.

    Civilization is working as well as it ever did. If women spurn you and choose another male then so be it. Humans or any other mammals are not in any danger of living in a uber egalitarian sex rationing, every body finds someone, utopia.

    As for the genetic analysis, I think it is bogus and biased. I seriously doubt that there was an evolutionary pressure for being great at figuring things out BUT at the cost failing in social ability. Additionally work-ethic and autistic like traits don't necesarily go hand in hand, you are presenting a false dichotamy of intelligent, good natured, hard working VS brutish stupid but socially proficiant.

    I've left contact details for further and more detailed discussion.

  4. Sir,

    *Civilization is working as well as it ever did*

    Bullshit! At least 5% of the total British population is now a welfare dependent, work-shy underclass. Civilization only SEEMS to work because the tax-payer is systematically fleeced to maintain a veritable army of ungrateful, semi-retarded, dangerous leeches. Believe me, I have encountered many people who deny the underclass reality of the contemporary Anglosphere both online and off, and all may be known by this sign: they invariably have no engagement with underclass studies. Here we go, try Buckingham:

    And it is closer to 10% of the total British population:

    So, there IS a vast underclass of moronic, work-shy parasites in this country, living off the labor of others. And why? Because conditions are ideal for their expansion - white knight mangina liberals (like you) allowing women to live irresponsibly, supported in that woeful course by generous donations from the beleaguered taxpayer. Yep, the quality of the population is going up and up...

    Well, if you like them so much, why not get the next plane over here and start shelling out for them yourself?

  5. This excellent piece explains the theory (or one closely akin to it - remember, I say 'autistic traits', not 'autism') in more detail, providing a clear mechanical explanation for the rise of industry:

    And what was once given is being taken away...

  6. What I see in the long term future is a bloody revolution.
    But not for the reasons you might think.
    What is currently happening is the creation of a much larger underclass.
    Widespread changes in family structure (single moms multiple (unknown) fathers) which is very actively encouraged by government is the reason. I won't go in to all the details because we all know what is going on. Were in the middle of it. I don't know how many generations this will continue but the end result is a larger and larger class of poor. All the major bloody revolutions/wars have been at its base a form of class warfare. Examples: The Bolshevik Revolution, French Revolution, Khmer Rouge and The Holocaust. That's my thought on the long term possibility of the end result of feminism and feminism's complete destruction.

  7. The reason why poor or 'chav' people exist is because in order for the rich to get richer, there has to be an underclass. It has nothing to do with 'female sexuality' or 'feminism' and everything to do with crony capitalism. The real leeches are draining us all dry, some more than others. The real leeches don't sign on once a week, drink special brew or claim child tax credits, the real leeches sit on their fancy leather chairs in fancy suits and you are paying their energy bills, their transport costs, for their fancy holidays and even for their wars on top of their lavish salaries. I grew up in a community like the one you describe and it's very difficult to get an education or prove yourself if you are from an underclass community. Especially if you yourself are diagnosed with autism. Most of the people with autism I have met actually live in council flats or supported accommodation and they struggle day to day. Very few of them I have met going to special schools etc are successful in terms of wealth and career. I am not saying that this isn't possible, but many autistic people cannot cope with the pressures of society. You are just trying to make yourself feel superior because you are insecure about having traits that you deem as inferior. This whole website is just very bitter.