Monday, 25 May 2009

Growing Belladonna: Creating an Anglobitch

When a woman makes any kind of remark to the effect that you are stingy, remember that this is a way of declaring her expertise at spending someone else's money (probably yours).

- Lawrence Shannon

When the Anglobitch is young, she learns early she is privileged. No matter how ugly, stupid, obese or obnoxious, she is flaunted in buttons and bows. She is more ‘valuable’ than male children. She is ‘special’. A misandrist media that shows hundreds of men being killed, tortured and degraded on an hourly basis powerfully reinforces this impression.

However, the Anglobitch really assumes her mantle of venom at puberty. Puberty instantly bestows sexual status upon her. In the repressive, puritanical climate of Anglo-American culture, becoming an ‘owner’ of sex is dizzying indeed. Now, the flat-chested, tow-haired Anglobitch acquires her permanent sneer, frosty demeanour and contempt for males.

Her clothes become more provocative as she learns to delight in her power over men. When the Anglobitch dresses sexily, she does not become sexier. To the contrary: her alluring clothes represent heightened repression and frigidity, since withholding sex from men is her only source of self-esteem. Indeed, the fairer the Anglobitch appears, the uglier her mindset.

All Anglo-Saxons, including psychologists, are blind to the Anglobitch phenomenon. They think her attitudes are normal, even healthy. Objectively speaking, the Anglobitch is neither: plummeting birth and marriage rates among the most spirited and able in Anglo societies are unmistakable signs of social dysfunction.

At school, the Anglobitch receives preferential treatment. Despite her IQ being demonstrably lower than that of males, she performs better, largely due to the education system being ‘beefed up’ with coursework and PC agendas calculated to inflate her performance.

The post-pubescent Anglobitch begins to cultivate herself as a diva to whom the world ‘owes’ something. She must walk on red carpets and sleep on eiderdown. And woe betide males who do not pay her deference! Such poltroons are struck off her list of potential meal-tickets. Around this time, the Anglobitch buys into the drivel pumped out by the Anglo-American trash media. Since she never questions the voice of authority, she soon thinks everyone lives in a mansion and owns a private helicopter. And since she is the great Anglobitch, she deserves these glittering prizes by dint of possessing a vagina.

Then begins her quest for a suitor, a quest doomed by her ridiculous, media-inflated expectations. Lacking self-awareness, she cannot see how little she herself has to offer: arrogance; no levity, wit or charm; a one-dimensional, media saturated range of interests.

This last is the most grating. How often have educated Anglo-American men been astounded to find foreign women who can talk about things beyond celebrity gossip and the latest hairstyle; women who know something about politics, philosophy, the fine arts, exotic history or classical music? How dull is the Anglobitch by comparison! How vapid and shallow her tastes and perceptions! Is it any wonder that cultured Anglo-American men are so inclined to reject these vile creatures? And this crass one-dimensionality is determined entirely by Anglo-American Puritanism. Her entire status hinges on owning sex, so she is not obliged to develop other interests.


  1. Holy shit what a great article! My God you hit the nail on the head! This really explains how Anglo women become bitches and horrible human beings. No wonder why men in America are starting to avoid American women like the plague!

  2. Great article and great blog! Thankyou!

  3. Aye Rook,

    Post some more of this magnificent eye watering truths concerning the anglo-bitch on the spearhead, mensnewsdaily and other mens forums.

    Western males labouring under the cultural misconceptions of femaleist genderism need such cognitive cannon balls detonated over their heads.

  4. What about Western European women, or Italian women in particular? That is a question I need a bit of answer to. Are they worth pursuing?

    Thank you.

  5. The same in Australia and NZ, in Australia I see many anglo men with non-anglo women, I question them and they say anglo/celtic - white women are only good for a pump and bump, and many are good for nothing and should be avoided!

  6. Actually the worst feminists are Jews.

  7. I agree that American women are the worst in the world.If you are a shy or a person who is socially akward the women in America will show zero interest in you and there is nothing that you can do about.The women in Maryland are the worst on the planet,they are very anti-social unless you are a bad boy,a biker,thug,drug dealer,wife beater,a man with lots of money,a man with lots of tattoos or body art,if you are not one of those men I just named,you are considered a social outcast as far as American women are concerned.America has it's great things but meeting women and making friends with the opposite sex is not one of them.

  8. *Actually the worst feminists are Jews*

    While some of the worst feminists are indeed Jews (Dworkin and Steinem, to name but two), no one could seriously argue that Anglo-American societies are the most fertile ground for their twisted, misandrist message.

  9. *America has it's great things but meeting women and making friends with the opposite sex is not one of them.*

    You said it, friend.

  10. So true and so politically incorrect, just my style! My solution and those of my friends, is to DATE ABROAD and meet foreign women who are feminine and free of all that feminist naziism. Come check out my website and movement against the dysfunctional insane dating scene in America. You will all be impressed!

  11. It's funny, a female teacher has sex with her underage male student and she either gets just a little jail time or NO jail time! Now if a male teacher has sex with one of his female students, he automatically goes to prison! What a double standard in the USA!

  12. What do John Wayne Gacy,Scott Peterson,Robert Chambers,Son of Sam,The hillside Strangler,Ted Bundy,Richard Allen Davies(the man who killed Poly Klauss) and others have in common.The all seem to get women even in prison,here I am a guy working in a dead end job,no criminal record,never had a women show interest in me,and these bozo's have women wanting to hook up with them left and right.I read that O.J. Simpson had millions of American women writing to him left and right,his fan male was enough to fill up two jail cells.

  13. Sir

    Check out my posts, Rookh Kshatriya's True Art of Game and Why Middle Class Angloguys Lack Game. Anglo-American men have been told that women like decent guys, when they really like thugs and killers. Emigrate or get yourself a foreign woman.

  14. Australian women are worse than American women. Where American women at least HAVE a sex drive that gets them all hot and bothered in the “right” circumstances (it does help to be a bad-boy), Australian women don’t have any sex drive at all. When it comes to marriage, they are the coldest and most calculating of all - they have the word “agenda” etched permanently into their foreheads, and their sexuality is nothing more than a bargaining chip. When it comes to recreational sex, the permanently intoxicated knuckle-draggers of their choosing bear no resemblance to the alpha bad-boys favoured by American women. At least one can hold a conversation with an alpha bad-boy or an American woman.

  15. Bridgette Raes

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