Sunday 3 May 2009

Public Misandry: ‘This Desk is for the Use of Women Only’

Abhorrence of apartheid is a moral attitude, not a policy – Edward Heath

Last week the present author visited Birmingham Central Library in England, UK. I was astonished to find signs all over the library reading: ‘This desk is for the use of women only’. I wondered subsequently about this manifestation of arrant misandry. It seemed to imply that all men are potential sex criminals or, worse, second-class citizens. Why had no one opposed it? What was the real story here?

I phoned the library asking for further information on the policy. In due course I was sent several pages explaining the decision-making process involved in this policy. The information was staggering, on several counts.

Firstly, there was no consultative process with the general public, despite the library being a publicly-funded body. The decision to implement this apartheid-like signage was made arbitrarily, like some coercive diktat in a banana republic.

Secondly, the media’s response to the ‘initiative’ was decidedly odd. We are told that, initially, The News of the World (the major Sunday tabloid newspaper in Britain) was interested in covering the story (presumably in a critical light). Then, after an almost-magical discussion between a female staff-member and a female journalist (the essence of which is not disclosed) the newspaper’s decision to investigate the policy was mysteriously dropped. What further proof is needed that the ‘mainstream’ Anglo-American media quashes all criticism of feminist agendas?

We are continually told that the Anglo-American media are in a continual struggle against the official forces of ‘political correctness’. What utter rubbish: when the political correctness is feminist or misandrist, the ‘mainstream’ Anglo-American media are entirely complicit. Indeed, the Anglo-American media harbour a sweeping animus against men while putting women on pedestals: signs excluding men while implying (entirely imaginary) female victimization are well within their ambit of approval. This relates to the puritanical value system governing Anglo-American culture, which elevates women to semi-divine status.

Excluding anyone, including men, is an Apartheid practice. Libraries do this by having women only library tables, or ‘women only’ library days. However, these services are paid for by public revenues that we all contribute (in fact, men contribute the bulk of them). Of course, natural justice is of little value when men are being excluded.


  1. This is pretty bad, and calls for a "Rosa Parks" moment I think.

    I thank you for pointing out this insane policy, too bad I dont live in the UK. If something like this where to happen in a public place where I go to, I would sit there all day to get the point across.

  2. Has anyone considered picketing in front of the Library to call attention to their misandry? A nice big sign saying, "THIS LIBRARY IS SEXIST AND HATEFUL AGAINST MEN," might get some people's attention.

    Why did the Library not designate an equal number of tables for men only for "their safety?"

    Even the Library acknowledges that what they are doing might not be legal. Has anyone filed a complaint with the agency they mention?

  3. It seems things are very bad in the UK, worst than in the States. To me it would seem like it is time to leave. I just could not live like that.

  4. I was in Birmingham Central Library a couple of years ago and saw the same thing. The women using the "women only" desks were nearly all wearing Muslim headscarves. Other women were sitting at the desks that anyone could use.

    There is an "apartheid" going on here, but it isn't the one you think. I doubt anyone will be honest enough to tell us whether Muslim women asked for these women-only desks, and choose to use them; or whether these "choices" were forced on them (and the Library) by their fathers and brothers.

    My guess is that any would-be Rosa Parks would find himself dealing with more scary adversaries than just the library's administrators.