Sunday, 19 September 2010

Repression, Freedom and the Mexicatl One World: Aztec Thoughts on the Anglobitch Thesis

I know a number of my readers hail from Mexico, that dark, virile land of exotic ruins and glittering mysteries. I recently reread a book I first encountered over twenty years ago, namely Gary Jennings' Aztec. This wonderful novel sheds much light on the Anglobitch Thesis, exposing the repressive dysfunction at the heart of Anglo-Saxon culture and its ultimate, tragic expression in misandrist feminism. Jennings spent over ten years in Mexico researching his peerless novel, even going so far as to learn the esoteric art of Aztec picture writing and Nahuatl, the ancient language of the region. This intense immersion in Aztec culture bore fruit in a book that shows us a sophisticated world of trade, warfare and statecraft entirely free of Anglo-Saxon - indeed, western - repression, and its attendant misandry.

The fictional narrator is a certain Mixtli, the son of skilled artisans who by judgment and good fortune rises into the mercantile class and then, for a brief time before the Spanish conquest, the Aztec nobility. His autobiographical account is full of extraordinary journeys and adventures in the three nations of the Nahuatl One World, not to mention the fascinating peoples of central America, including the Maya, with whom they trade.

The light that Aztec sheds on the Anglobitch Thesis is especially interesting. Aztec culture is gallant, manly and virile, without a trace of feminist misandry or female 'appeasement'. This 'masculine' civilization flourishes because Aztec culture is entirely free of sexual repression. Consequently, women have no intrinsic status in ancient Mexico, beyond their social birth-class. This shows us that feminism does not - indeed, can not - exist in a truly liberated culture. When sex has scarcity value it becomes a sacrament bestowed by women on males, thereby creating a misandrist climate that permits both the rise of feminism and the marginalization of men.

Wherever Mixtli travels, fresh young women are available for his sexual entertainment. Every inn on the road has an adjoining whore-house, just as it has beds, drinks and breakfast. A lissom whore is always available, served up like a glass of wine or a hearty meal, an uncomplaining body for men to enjoy. Sickly Anglo repression is utterly absent from the Aztec world - and with it, misandrist feminism of the odious Anglo variety.

The foregoing illustrates the intimate relationship between sexual repression and feminism. In repressed cultures, female status automatically rises as 'givers' of sex, while male are denigrated for being sexualized beings. Misandrist feminism arises from these imbalanced conditions, then the rabid misandry that defines the contemporary Anglosphere. Indeed, Pan-Anglosphere civilization with its sickly 'homosociality', endemic misandry and rampant 'woman worship' exemplifies the dangers of repression like no other.

Recently, the British press has been bleating abuse against international soccer players Peter Crouch and Wayne Rooney for enjoying the services of prostitutes. This hypocritical, hysterical opprobrium highlights the repressive puritanism that still characterizes the Anglo-American world. If virile young males want casual sex, so what? They are merely expressing the healthy instincts of youth. True to their subliminal puritan agenda, however, the British press reflexively excoriate Rooney and Crouch as depraved monsters for merely acting as normal young males. Despite its boisterous rhetoric, Anglo culture inheres to a puritanical ethos that decries healthy sexual appetites as 'sick' and 'sinful', demonizing all males by default. Observe everywhere the results: male educational failure (despite superior intelligence), soaring male suicide rates, the 'feminization' of Anglo intellectual life, and much else besides.

The contrast with Mixtli's world of boundless masculine liberation is searing and absolute. In Aztec society, men enjoy complete liberation and women have no power; in the contemporary Anglosphere, men are erotically suppressed and women have all the power. Clearly, feminism will flourish wherever male sexual freedom is absent, which is why our Anglosphere nurtures the most misandrist brand of feminism of all. And so the Anglobitch Thesis is confirmed yet again, in all its particulars.

Lord Rookh Kshatriya, Revered Speaker of the Anglobitch Thesis


  1. Good article Rookh. However, I admit that I take exception to your opinions on Crouch and Rooney. On the face of things, it is not the media's criticism of Rooney and Crouch for their conduct that we should decry, but maybe the fact that the Anglo media not take the same view if their partners were found to be unfaithful (in AUS, Lara Bingle's probable infidelity to cricketer Michael Clarke was not touched upon). I believe that infidelity is unacceptable unless you are in an open relationship.

    As for Crouch and Rooney, I dislike both as individuals, Rooney in particular. If Rooney was not a soccer/football star, he'd be a typical British chav type, betraying his woefully underdeveloped intellect and etiquette at every turn (in fact, he still is, bar lots of money). Ashley Cole, John Terry etc. are in the same boat (coming from a Chelsea supporter). The fact that this is so demonstrates Britain's horrible social problems, especially given that these guys are (incorrectly) seen as potential role models. Foreign players do not behave like this as often, that I know.

  2. Great article. As someone who's long since abandoned Anglobitches (and spent a lot of more productive time in Latin America), I can testify that Latin women are still much less puritanical than the Anglos are. Though they have legal equality, there is none of the inherent misandry one finds just across the border.

    The part about the Rugby players was interesting too. We have similar situations over here all the time. Golfer Tiger Woods was found committing adultery on his spouse and was lampooned in the media; forced to make public apologies, and go into psychotherapy. Nothing happened to the dozen or so sluts who jumped into bed with him, (knowing full well he was a married man with children. Nothing happened to his wife; the poor 'victim' who must have such a great spouse that he was searching for affairs without her even noticing...LOL

  3. Bullshit. When sex has scarcity value it becomes a COMMODITY that women sell to control and manipulate men. When sex has scarcity value
    women themselves become a commodity that men uses to sell and form alliances with other men, or that men violently assault women for.

    When sex, particularly female sexuality, fertility and motherhood are treated as sacraments bestowed on men, sex is given much more freely,
    there is less sexual violence, sexual violence is rarer and punished more harshly, and womans sacrifices and courage childbearing is valued
    rather than disparaged. Who has sacred pleasure giving women? Certainly not the Spaniards, or our own lovely little Puritan.
    Of course the corresponding idea is that men are bestowing a sacrament on women when they have sex with women.

    I've never found men more feminist (in the sense that they are tender, and respectful with women) and honor womens work and sacrifices in raising
    a family and childbirth than Nahuatl men. Oh I'll certainly take Anglo culture over modern general Mexican culture, but as a modern Anglo
    living in the US, after getting exposed to Nahuatl gender relations I think US Anglos are trying to reinvent the wheel. California elites are not
    good at taking cultural and moral lessons from undocumented immigrant farmworkers, but I can hope.

    Are supporting prostitution or condoning rape? I think you missed the entire point. You are not arguing that treating sexuality as sacred pleasurable lifegiving and good (and there fore something that should be engaged in frequently to improve morality and civilization). You are arguing for
    the commercial degradation of women to a commodity that must be available to men on demand with no say in the matter. I think you missed the point.
    This isn't Nahuatl wisdom this is just typical Anglo misogyny whining because you figured out men no longer having absolute power to do anything sexually with any woman under any circumstances.
    Man card denied. And Aztec AND ANGLO card denied. Go back to Spain. Bye

    1. "Bullshit"? I think not. Yuk. Goo goo goo goo goo goo womyn on a pedestal, goo goo goo goo goo goo goo, the results are there: tens a millions a tattooed rumpled 50 somethings who ditched decent men ruining their kids lives,and are "Slutting around with bums, running to abortion mills..."-perfect. Complete social and sexual chaos and a self inflicted genocide. 2000 years o Western civilization shot to shit. y the way: you're a mess ****.

    2. @Anonymous 14 June 2011 20:29

      Go fuck yourself you worthless cunt. Or just kill yourself.

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    4. Actually according to the The Social Progress index, which measures things like positive feelings, community health and feelings of security. Latin American nations, ie ex-spanish colonies dominate the top countries especially if you consider their poverty on every other level.

  4. Women have no power in Mixtli's world? Then they are being raped.

    So in the Anglo-Saxon world, if a woman's body belongs to HER, the poor little men are being repressed?

    You're fucking sick. I'm glad that Anglo Social Power will ALWAYS stay with us.

    1. Woman's body does not belong to her, actually. And the vast majority of Anglo-Saxon women deserve to be raped, and so do you.

      Women are meant to slaves and property of men. Women are born slaves.

      But you're an born asshat.

    2. Yes and men's body also belongs to another man as well especially an alpha male,a gamma male like you deserve to be raped by those alpha males like those dancing boys in afghanistan

  5. Whisker Child:
    It's nice to see how wisely you 'liberated' women use that power, too. Slutting around with bums, running to abortion mills...

  6. Gary Jennings wrote a lot of racist things in that book. Mexica culture just like most native American cultures had gender equality. So did most African cultures. Feminism as well as men's rights activists is a European concept. Europe had no gender equality. Mutant women were regarded as witches, mutant men were not. Their mothers would be considered witches. Europeans were the first people to be sexist. They have brain washed most of today's society into thinking their ways are better and no one sees the ugly truth.

    1. What part of Europe? Because Roman Catholics after the 15th Century didn't believe in witchcraft, and the vast majority of the Spanish Inquisition's victims are male...What african cultures? Because, shall I remind you, Islam is widespread in North Africa, sometimes at both sides of the Sahara, like in Mali.

      Both Middle Eastern Civilizations and Asian civilizations had women take a subservient role to men...There has been only one Chinese Empress in several dynasties, and no queen between the Tigris and Eufrates rivers (from where we Euros stole civilization)...the only matriarcal societies were backwater shitholes where starvation was rampant and everybody else pillaged the shit out of, never been able to develop urbanism even, in a constant gatherer sexism was simply the better system.

  7. Of course, the Aztecs also believed in killing people to make it rain, so I'm not sure they're the best example to be following...

  8. Not to spam your entire blog with my enthusiastic agreement, but you've been vindicated in your assessment: the Anglo-Puritan thesis is 100% correct.

    I wonder what Heinlein would've said of this age's Anglo-initiated sex-panic -- when everyone accuses everyone else of pedophilia, and chastity (for males) is considered healthier than natural simple sex -- had he lived today.

    The Anglo-Saxons seem to have a relatively low self-preservation instinct, which seems to be related to their abnormally low sex-drive, their "sexual apathy" as it were. The Angles want to be "Angels" - and are willing to die as such, to go extinct, and to take the whole world with them (hence fertility crisis in the civilized world, due to decades-long Anglo-puritanism running amok everywhere as a result and consequence of Anglo-Saxon world-hegemony).

    They, the Anglo-Saxons, are the real degenerates; as one of their number, Aldous Huxley, wrote: "Chastity -- the most unnatural of all the sexual perversions".