Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Mouse on a Pedestal: Jordan Peterson, Anglocuck Supreme

Jordan Peterson: Anglocuck Supreme

Jordan Peterson - a man who teaches the quasi-science of psychology at declasse Canadian universities - is all the rage among tradcon males across the Anglosphere. His books, televised debates and utterances are extolled as 'revolutionary conservatism', a much needed antidote to the slack minded Social Justice Warriors who presently dominate Anglo academic life.

However, like all Anglo cuckservatives, Peterson is just telling men to return to the plantation. He is just Tommy Fleming lite, a pitiful Anglocuck who thinks men should accept traditional duties while women do as they please; a clown living in the 1950s, telling men to 'man up' and join the ranks of castrated cuckdom in the Anglo-American Matrix. The central problem with his position is that the Anglosphere has moved beyond his tradcon values, never to return. Peterson is still hung up on marriage, 'honour' and fidelity in a world where such things are scorned or ridiculed by women and society at large. Indeed, being an 'honourable man' is now a one-way trip to financial rape in the frivorce courts of the Anglosphere. Here is one of my correspondents, Lawrence, on the reality of the situation in contemporary America:
At one point in my corrections officer job, the incarceration of men for child support and alimony arrears got so bad that a group of us prison guards came to the warden, complaining that we were being unethically ordered to guard men who really weren’t a threat and who should have never been sent to jail. Once imprisoned, they usually lost their professional licenses, their driver’s licenses, became unemployable so they just wound up back there again. The warden just shook his head, he knew how corrupt the system is, how the US family courts, media, politicians, universities, feminists and the prison execs all work hand in glove to profit off the US slave economy fueled by all the husbands and fathers tossed into prison. How it creates sick incentives that encourage divorce and profiteering. (This is another reason the US divorce rate is by far the highest all over the world, so much money is made from it). But the warden knew he was powerless to reform it. Just like we were as guards. The vultures of the Anglosphere want their prison slaves, and husbands and fathers are an easy target.

Like I said, every man in the Anglosphere is a target of this machine, but wealthy American and Canadian men are the hardest hit, because the US legal system gives family court judges wide latitude, which really can’t be appealed, to place arbitrarily high demands on the incomes of men who have been wealthy at any point. This is why Robin Williams committed suicide. At one point he was a very wealthy Hollywood A-lister. But after his two divorces, he was no longer pulling in that kind of money. The family courts didn’t care. They said he once made big money, and in the fantasy unicorn filled land of US family courts, that meant he could just click his feet together and make the same money again. So they made Robin pay out the nose for alimony. By this time he was sick with Parkinson’s Disease he couldn’t make anywhere close to that amount of money, and his lawyer was warning him that prison time was likely coming. So he committed suicide. Here’s another famous case, a guy in New York with same sort of situation, once made a lot of money on Wall Street and became upper class, told to pay alimony every year after that at insane high levels, lost his job in recession== then off to prison when it became impossible.

https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2013-08-26/jail-becomes-home-for-husband-stuck-with-lifetime-alimony Brendan Fraser has been hit with a similar judgement, tens of millions of dollars in alimony.

Wealthy men across the US, Canada, UK and the Anglosphere generally are hit hard like this. And yes, a lot of them wind up in prison. The incarceration rate in Canada and the UK isn’t quite as bad, but this happens there too because the misandrist structure of the laws and family courts is as bad as in the USA, and the legal systems share the same insane practice of imprisonment after court-ordered impoverishing of a man. I found this out ironically after I expatriated and was working as a Web and database planner, when my previous experience led prison systems in many countries to contract me to help with their intake software and legal briefing documents. This imprisonment of men for marriage or kids (or in these #metoo days, just for “harassment” that in reality is “any interaction with women”) really is an Anglo phenomenon uniquely. Whatever stupid idiosyncrasies the rest of the West has with feminism, they don’t throw men in prison for this.

The very worst case I saw as a prison guard was a surgeon, yes an American surgeon who was one of the most respectable guys I ever met, hard working, worked until 2 a.m. 6 days a week to save people’s lives. With all the work hours, his wife got “lonely” and started sleeping around, eventually having 2 kids that weren’t even his as he found out later. And then she filed for divorce so she could take the surgeon’s money, blow it on cocaine and stupid luxuries for herself without doing any work herself (that’s the real destination where the “child support” money goes) and sleep around with her favorite Chad of the week, all on her hard working surgeon ex-husband’s money. She won an insanely high judgment in a US family court, millions of dollars in child support and “alimony” that the poor surgeon would have to pay. Since by the court’s judgment, “she should be entitled to maintain the same standard of living after the divorce”, even though this greedy gold-digging Anglobitch is the one who filed for the divorce to steal from her hard-working husband who was actually saving people’s lives. 
After a few years of doing this, and losing his house and his nice car, the poor surgeon threw out his back while helping a patient onto an operating table. He had to cut down his hours as a surgeon, and went to the divorce court asking for a reduction in the support demands, and ask that his lazy, spoiled brat bitch ex-wife get a damn job herself. But the court refused using the same delusion filled imputation bullshit they pull on other ex-husbands, claiming he could somehow make millions of extra dollars using his surgical wizard skills somehow. Which he couldn’t do in reality with his injured back, something the family court judge couldn’t or wouldn’t even try to understand. So then now the alimony and child support were demanding 120% of his income. You see, the family court system will never let you off the treadmill once they target you, especially if you earn a lot of money. Eventually he drained his savings and retirement, couldn’t make the payments at all—and he wound up in the prison where I was a corrections officer. 
The corrupt American family court-media-feminist-academia cultural Marxist-big business-prison industrial complex had worked perfectly to ruin this poor man, and what a prize they had. A dedicated, hard working US surgeon, saving lives every day, drained of his money and reduced to poverty by a gold-digging, spoiled greedy bimbo who divorced him due to his very dedication, had kids with other men to force him to pay bullshit “child support” in addition to never-stopping alimony, his assets taken by his gold-digging ex wife and the state to grease their own corruption, the “child support” in actuality supporting the ex wife’s corrupt, hedonistic lifestyle after divorce. And then the poor surgeon himself made a literal slave in a US prison, stripped of his license and made a perpetual debtor, worked to the bone but never allowed to profit from his own efforts or hard work. That really is how it works in the US family court and prison system. That poor surgeon was the worst case we ever saw, made us so mad we were talking about how we were going to “free the Bastille” and start a revolution ourselves to stop all the corruption, Robespierre style. And free all the innocent men, and even some women, who were imprisoned this way, to feed more slaves to the machine.

Because if you’re an American man, particularly a rich, well to do, middle class or upper class man with skills, saved money, assets, wealth and a good job, that’s what you really are. Fresh meat for the Anglosphere family court meat grinder machine. Like Legal Eagle said, you are literally a slave with marriage or child-bearing in the US or the greater Anglosphere, from that day on, the state and officials have full purview over all your assets and unlimited ability to seize them. Legal Eagle saw this from the legal debate and court side, I saw the horrible result from the prison side, where men were sent after all their assets had been stolen by the family courts and their only further “value” was as slaves to the prison-industrial complex. This shit’s real, guys.

And now, in the ugly aftermath of #metto, #timesupand #nameandshamehim, you don’t even have to get married or have a kid in the Anglosphere to become a slave. Any interaction with a women, even something as casual as a glance or an innocent conversation, opens you up to charges of harassment and sexual misconduct. And given that as much as half of young white women in America find even innocent male female interactions to be harassment, you’re in great danger at any moment. Many harassment and misconduct changes now are being assembled by our corrupt legal-prison-industrial complex system to become prosecutable offenses. But even short of that, the witch-burning in social media means that any vague accusation, whether recent or months or years ago, will make you unemployable and a social pariah. You’ll lose your health insurance and ability to earn a living, and then the state will have all kinds of additional ways to brand you a criminal and toss you in jail.
Peterson tells men 'to be men' - in other words, try to live up to traditional male responsibilities - in a world which despises them, getting nothing but penury and imprisonment in return. Meanwhile, single mothers with four thug-babies live happily on taxpayer handouts across the Anglosphere while Peterson's 'responsible' men foot the bill.

The point is, Anglo conservatives like Peterson have not truly grasped the reality of contemporary gender relations. At heart, they believe we are still living in the pre-feminist era where men are coming home to smiling housewives and discussing the Bible around the kitchen table before a roaring log fire. In truth, the fact that western women are no longer economically dependent on men has entirely obviated those assumptions. With the rise of sperm banks and other post-male reproductive technologies, women don't even need a man to have children. Besides, the Calvinist misandry of the Anglosphere remains unchallenged even while female rights and opportunities advance apace in every sphere - education, the media, reproductive technology and jurisprudence.

This is partly generational; but mainly because Peterson, Tommy Fleming and other 'conservative' Anglocucks are academic fantasists with scant knowledge of contemporary social reality. Boomer academics like him need to leave their post-War ivory towers and do some volunteer work in a hospital or prison to gain some understanding of how the world actually works. Academic Anglocucks like Peterson or Fleming are dangerous because gullible young males listen to their inane opinions, or even base important life-decisions on them. In the 1950s, that was no great problem; in the 21st century, with its #metoo hysteria and no fault divorce-epidemic, such 'advice' should be cursorily dismissed as the rantings of madmen.


  1. Goodness gracious! You sound just like a middle-school mean-girl, a day before getting her period. So emotional! Take some Midol!

    1. You are obviously well-acquainted with medication, albeit at the patient level...

    2. Remember: projection. We all know Dr. Rookh doesn't get periods, but Sue does.

      Sue is not a troll. She is a damaged soul trying to justify the horrible and dysfunctional she was raised.

      What she says about you speaks volumes of her.

      Pity her and move on.

    3. Aren't feminists supposed to support an article which criticizes a white male Professor accused of offending trannies?
      It just shows that Anglo feminists and tradcons work together at the end of the day.
      This is why brown and black men are being accosted on the streets by tradcons because of feminist "rape hysteria".
      But...these Anglo feminists and tradcons wonder why visible minorities form their own communities away from the old stock Canadian lifestyle.

    4. @Sue: Holy crap, did he ever savage you.

      You, on the other hand, read like a typical anglo-trash female. Honestly, I userstand why India has a caste of untouchables: if Anglos were transplanted - en masse - to India, it would be the natural breeding ground for the parasitic germanic, protestant female.

      This would serve both as a useful social experiment and as a zoo exhibit.

  2. here in Brazil men also go to jail if they do not pay the pension. including rich and famous.

  3. Yes...anglo radical feminism is completely misguided idiocy that is destroying the society with its lies and promotion of homosexuality.

    To understand the roots of anglo radical feminism one needs to look not much beyond the idiotic freemsons and their co-masons (who were the initial deviant ideologists) of the past controlled by Jesuit catholic and feminists like Mary Daly controlled by Jesuits.

    Just look at the following link, to understand how the radical feminist lies that lead to the sacred feminine and Marion Goddess lies of catholic idolatrous sect is working in our modern society- https://sophiafoundation.org/board/

  4. "This is partly generational; but mainly because Peterson, Tommy Fleming and other 'conservative' Anglocucks are academic fantasists with scant knowledge of contemporary social reality. Boomer academics like him need to leave their post-War ivory towers and do some volunteer work in a hospital or prison to gain some understanding of how the world actually works."

    With decades of experience as a Therapeutic Clinical Psychologist dedicated to complex problems (including family dynamics such as divorce), he is well aware of today's circumstances and problems. To assume he has "scant knowledge of contemporary social reality" is an absurd claim. He knows a lot about the brutal, dirty world of divorce courts. He advises to preventive negotiate properly within a relationship.


    1. I'm sure Peterson's 'preventative negotiation therapy' is really helpful to all those North American guys sitting in jail cells for being unable to make insane Alimony payments. Addressing these problems in psychological terms is pointless because the issues are cultural, legal and structural.

  5. Hey Rookh,
    Trini here.
    What is your view regarding the fact that White Anglo feminism is subtly racist against brown and black men, while the opposite political spectrum is traditionalist, and also racist against brown and black men?

    It looks like feminism and right-wing conservatism are two sides of the same coin.

    What offends me is that, me, a Trini, who used to live in a country a mere 10 miles away from a "white" country such as Venezuela, is generalized as a Paki or Arabian.

    Anglo countries are becoming bigoted against brown and black men and we don't know where to go in terms of the political spectrum. White feminists view us as rapists, while the white conservatives view us as rapists.

    1. To be fair, white Anglo feminism is also hostile to heterosexual white men, not least white Anglo men. However, this hostility is directed against their gender and sexuality rather than their race while Anglo-feminist hostility against non-white men definitely has a racist angle (witness reclaim the Night marches through black districts, for example).

      *It looks like feminism and right-wing conservatism are two sides of the same coin*

      Agreed, but I have been saying this for years. Underlying both Anglo-feminism and Anglo-conservatism is a rabid hatred of virile male sexuality (especially its heterosexual variant), a hatred which derives from puritanism, empiricism, workaholism, colonialism and other distinctive (and largely dysfunctional) features of ailing Anglo-American civilisation.

    2. Every Redpill and Black Pill male here in the Caribbean fully well know that the Anglo woman's hatred of white males is that of domination and power.
      She would kiss the butt of a white man if it means she can benefit such as job promotions, vacations and career advancement.
      They, however, view us as rats, and I've experienced this behaviour from Anglo women who work as airplane attendants and Canadian Border Patrol. They hate us, and the right faction hates us and they will gladly support feminists if it means that we are eliminated.