Friday, 6 December 2019

Know Your Enemies: Lower-Class Blue Knights, Kings of the Azure Pill

The Blue Pilled narrative across the Anglosphere tells us that sometime between the late fifties and the early seventies, 'everything changed'; that suddenly, 'everyone' was having sex with everyone else in a dizzying maelstrom of orgiastic delightIn reality, what really happened in the 50s and 60s is that women gained the freedom to indulge their innate preference for high status males: it was a ‘hypergamy revolution’, not a ‘sexual revolution’. This is why male lower class suicide rates began to soar in the late 60s, as mateless males began to feel the psychological impact of sexlessness and singleness. It is interesting that socio-economic divides also began to widen at this time, making low-value males non-marriageable material for most Anglo-American women. What also began to arise were various 'copes' for sexless men, especially Sexual False Consciousness in all its myriad forms.

As I have already described in a number of classic articles, Sexual False Consciousness involves sexless men falsely appropriating the sexual successes of high status men as their own at a subjective, imaginary level. Because rock singers, rappers and actors are having lots of sex with models, low status losers feel the need to pretend THEY are having sex with models, conveniently omitting the fact that female hyper-hypergamy only bestows this sexual bounty on rich, famous and high-value males. We see this crazy delusion at work in the MGTOW 'pump and dump' and Wall narratives, as if the average mid to low-value male were drowning in sexual choices every minute of every day

Granny sells sex: the reality of the 'Sexual Revolution'

This is not to say that MGTOW does not have value; but its real value is its political dimension, not its psycho-sexual one. It is perfectly reasonable for sexually and socially excluded males to self-organise online and minimise their societal contributions. Sadly, this good work is muddied by rampant Sexual False Consciousness at every turn. 

Of all low-SMV coper males, the most duped and dangerous are low-IQ, low-income, blue collar losers. These clowns habitually talk as if there were a queue of nubile women clamouring to have sex with them. In truth, the whole blue collar, blue-pilled schtick - that women want sex with everyone - is ludicrous in a world where toothless grannies are charging young men for sex while a third of young American males had no sex at all in 2017In fact, the same blue collar chumps swapping tall tales about their sexual escapades have swingeing suicide and addiction rates. Clearly, the only thing these shit-heels are 'pumping and dumping' in the Tinder Age are cheap hookers and blow up dolls.

He's banging models all night...

These loser dopes defend their Sexual False Consciousness with such fanatical resolve because delusion is all that stands between them and the rope. The blunt truth – that they lost out on love and sex with a prime female – would make their minds implode in psychotic rage. This is why these inane poltroons loathe the very shadow of the Anglobitch Thesis and all Red/Black Pilled thought. If they realised their real situation even for a moment – abject loserdom, wading through lives devoid of love and sex – they would instantly kill themselvesAlthough Game/PUA practitioners are a dying breed in the Tinder Age, they also cling to their delusions with the same fanatical resolve

The deluded Blue Knight

Angry and resentful, utterly gulled by the lamestream media and its cloying fantasies, it is easy to see why these 'Blue Knights' - that is, blue-pilled, balled and collared - are walking around on a 'hair trigger', waiting to explode in violent rage. Sports hooligans, violent criminals, racists and other thugs are generally drawn from this group. Moreover, lower class white 'culture' is hysterically misandrist in general, forever extolling male disposability and the endless virtues of white women as a class. This why Blue Knights have to be handled carefully, when we awakened men cannot shun them altogether; they are better left in Azure-Pilled delusion than introduced to the Red/Black Pills of liberating truth. Inbred autistics are among the most dangerous of these knaves, since their cognitive disorders inhibit understanding of their true situation and its causes. The veil of Sexual False Consciousness is essential for them to function at the most basic level, since it keeps their ugly and hopeless reality at bay for another day.

Lower class white men are vociferous defenders of 'women’s rights' in the Anglosphere because of low IQ, their misandrist culture and limited self-awareness; but also because sexual false consciousness prevents them seeing that women's 'liberation' merely gives free rein to female hyper-hypergamy. And here is the curious thing; by pedestalising women, lower class Blue Knights only legitimise and perpetuate their own inceldom. A good analogy would be the inane tendency of low income chumps to vote republican/conservative in Anglosphere countries, thereby oppressing themselves in the most ludicrous manner imaginable. Thus some Anglocuck who hasn’t had sex in two decades rails against the 'sexual oppression' of women in countries like Saudi Arabia, not seeing that strict sexual regulation of women would be far more likely than Anglo-feminist hyper-hypergamy to secure him a breeding mate. The ultimate expression of this idiocy is lower class Anglo males joining the military to 'free' women in societies which still regulate female sexuality. 

Lower Class 'Culture' idolises Women

In the 2020s these sexually-disenfranchised, deluded imbeciles will become our direct opponents in the struggle for truth and freedom. The 2020s is the Incel Decade when various long-submerged gender conflicts will come to a head in the west, for good or ill. Expect the authorities to manipulate Sexual False Consciousness to create a Blue Knight army of dangerous Anglocucks directly opposed to Manosphere goals and ambitions. Mark my words, friends: like hired thugs paid to break up union strikes, these Azure-Pilled lackeys will be extensively harnessed to keep us awakened men on the Anglo plantation.

The 2020s: Retarded Blue Knights will be unleashed

Readers will note that I have been using the term Azure Pill as opposed to Blue Pill. The Azure Pill is a heightened version of the Blue Pill; the Blue Pill in its purest form, in fact. The Azure Pill is unique to the Anglosphere and its misandrist, gynocentric puritanism. Consequently, it is far more intense and extreme than the Blue Pill that prevails in other cultural blocs. While the Blue Pill prevails in the world at large, the Azure Pill rules the Anglosphere.

An Anglo Blue Knight swallows his daily Azure Pill


  1. Canadian feminists are sending the armed Blue Pill thugs to harass Asian sex workers working in the rub-n-tugs, citing that those Spas are in residental areas (think of the children!)

    Meanwhile, the feminist would accept a Gay Pride in the same area, and even bring her children there to have sex with a Slut Walk protester. Crazy world we live in with the hypocrisy.

  2. Blue Knights... I want to kick one of those jerkoffs to death!!!

  3. Canada has done it again!

    Marc Lepine admirer jailed for "hate speech against women"

  4. Question about sexual false consciousness.

    With the media constantly drolling out shows where ordinary men are constantly getting sex (utter bullshit) does sexual false consciousness also include the idea that...since they do not have sex like the men on tv, it is somehow their fault and they are simply "doing something wrong"? any day or month or year, they'll suddenly meet misses right?

    My observations... I see this all the time.

    1. Sexual False Consciousness is every narrative that keeps men in a state of delusion about their sexual chances and experiences, preventing them from seeing the various Black Pill truths about sex and relationships. This is what made the Joker movie so exceptional; it maintained a Blackpilled perspective throughout, with no sexual redemption for Fleck (obviously, male sexual redemption is THE key component of all Blue Pilled media). Back in the 80s and 90s (and before), the American lamestream media simply elided sub-8 males from films and TV shows, thereby banishing the possibility of Black Pilled dissent. British soap operas try to hide the Black Pill by having sub-8 blue collar males at the centre of love triangles in the most ludicrous manner imaginable, lapsing into utter farce. There is also the SFC created and maintained by sub-8 males themselves in the absence of Black Pilled knowledge; a kind of ongoing folk mythology that all women want sex with all men regardless of male looks, ethnicity, money or status (Currycels seem particularly prone to this cope). Finally, there is a kind of SFC mental illness in which sub-5 incel men actually think they are having sex with models every night; this is the most extreme form of SFC and is virtually untreatable by Black Pilled truth (check the Reddit ‘inceltears’ for some prime specimens).

      So SFC is a multi-layered patchwork of delusions which keep men on the plantation by use of false promises, vain hopes and outright lies: all are designed (or self-designed) to keep the Black Pill at bay. In its various forms, it normalises the idea of sex as universal and gettable for all males, implying that sub-8 men only need to tweak this or that in order to get sex or relationships. The mainstream ‘redemption’ narrative works exactly as you describe, promoting the fiction that love and sex are ‘just around the corner’ for every male if he just ‘hangs on’ for another day; a kind of ‘pussy carrot’ that keeps him from roping or going ER.

      And so life on the plantation rolls on, creating ever more profits for Wall Street and the City of London. Is it any wonder that the Deep States want to crush our Black Pilled community?

    2. Wow. Thanks... Love that pussy carrot analogy :)

  5. I can see getting into a fight with these dupes. That would be bad. But, when the dupes figure it out, "Katie, bar the door!"

  6. I do have to wonder when this last bunch sees what is true and goes black pill. Abraham Lincoln was right. "You can fool all of the people some of the time. You can fool some of the people all of the time. But you can't fool all of the people all the time.

  7. Heard of the story in India? Feminists were celebrating that rape accused men were shot to death by the police in Hyderabad. The Anglobitch even went as far as India to spread her feminism!

    1. Come on man. I'm of Indian heritage and those guys were a disgrace. They deserve to die for what they did.

      Indian men's problem is they have no warrior culture. Men have a need for aggression, and best thing to do for that is physical activities and competing with other men. There is no outlet for that in India so they take it out on women.

      Lifting weights properly will fix 90% of Indian men's creepiness. Then you start to size up other men rather than being obsessed with Bobs and vagene all day

    2. How can you prove that those men actually raped the desi woman?

      The men could be innocent of the crime for all we know, and the police murdered them because of the fat land whale from America.

  8. As a MGTOW, I agree that The Wall is real. I also agree with Rookh that Sexual False Consciousness is real. Both are equally as valid and strong Red Pills for a man to take because of the fact that women in the Anglosphere (and the West in general) virtually price themselves out of the dating market and as a result, a lot of men in the Anglosphere have become so sexually thirsty that they're willing have sex with older women and will simp very hard just to get some pussy. If anybody here does a quick Google search for Belle Delphine's Gamer Girl Bath Water, you'll see how things are bad for men in the Anglopshere and the West really are (and the thirst is very real).

    In closing, The Wall and SFC does help me remain on the MGTOW path and helps me see that the women of the Anglosphere (and the West) are not worth having sex with or having a relationship with as the risks i.e. being accused of rape by a woman you had consensual sex with and becoming fresh meat for the #MeToo meat grinder, outweighs the benefits.

    1. The Wall is of course real but the puritanical repression and #metoo misandry of the Anglosphere have artificially inflated the price of sex to insane levels. This is why grannies in the UK are able to sell dry pussy to younger men for exorbitant sums.

  9. Rookh, I am currently reading your book Havoc (purchased it on Kindle) and it is quite possibly saving my life.

    The process of encountering rude, dismissive and hateful women in my anglo country has really been getting me down. It is easy for one to feel like a worm and a subhuman the way they treat you.

    But reading your book I am seeing the puritanical nature of Anglo society and how they have always been. It may just make me impervious to it.

    Thanks for your work, I wish there were more people discussing Anglo puritanism and its horrific consequences.

    1. Comments like this make me realise all my hard work has been worthwhile. Havok might not be perfect but it is still the first and definitive statement of my ideas. The Savage Pilgrimages chapter (about Anglo-American men who fled the Anglosphere for more liberated lives abroad) seems to have a massive impact on all who read it.

    2. (I am the original commentor who is reading Havoc)

      I like how it repeatedly emphasizes certain points to reiterate the truly abnormal nature of Anglosphere culture. This is something that I have never thought about during my 30 years (my entire life) in Australia.

      I think I as a 5'8 brown Male (with Indian heritage) have been especially vulnerable to the brainwashing of Anglobitch culture. Being from a nation that was colonized by the British, as well as from a people who worship white women, combined with having relatively low smv by Anglo standards, has put me in a loop of trying to be 'good enough' by Anglo female standards.

      Almost my whole adult life I have been riddled with sexual shame, and an inferiority complex about my physical genetics.

      I'm ashamed to say that I had made the Anglo female my master in my head.

      Your book is helping unwire this, and making me realize I was serving a false master.

      The question I will need to answer in the future is "who do I serve now? What do I focus on? Where do I point my compass?"

    3. I think one of the key issues of Anglo culture is that the puritanism makes it hard to acknowledge Anglo women's specific faults. Consequently, many men struggle to grasp that Anglo-female racism, hyper-hypergamy, frigidity and sexual fascism are factors totally outside their own control (this applies to white men just as much as non-whites). They beat themselves up about it, refusing to accept that women are the real problem.

      In addition, ethnic men believe that sexual validation by Anglo women will cement their social acceptance by the host society. However, the Black Pill suggests that this is very unlikely to happen any time soon, especially in racist and misandrist Chadzones like Australia.

      My best advice is the advice offered in the book: build links with countries where your SMV is higher and the racist misandry is less acute. The Anglosphere's cultural triad of misandry, racism and classism are an absolute killer for low-SMV ethnic men.

  10. I always thought that the
    blue pilled male feminists tend to be middle class and blue collar males tend to be more realistic about female behaviour. In general the less educated men may be more xenophobic (not in my personal experience) with good reason, they tend to experience the brunt of the bad impacts of immigration, including loss of housing and even loss of women to Pakistani gangs etc. But is that the same as being blue pilled white knights, I suspect not.

    1. I agree that most avowed blue-pilled male feminists are generally middle class liberal arts/humanities types. However, many blue collar clowns also share such beliefs, albeit in an informal way. In addition, most blue collar chumps are riddled with rampant SFC, truly believing they have a serious chance with model-tier Stacies and fanatically determined to defend their (imaginary) sexual 'freedoms' against Red/Black Pilled enlightenment.

      Just consider how misandrist and pro-female the blue-collared Anglo-American police are. In the matriarchal Anglosphere, tradconned means exactly that.

  11. Tradconned and tradcucked.

  12. The White woman is naked with children, and if you tell the police or child services, they yell "THAT'S HER RIGHT", and in a time when heterosexual sex is a sin, they contend that children have "rights".

    But if you ask whether the white woman is a pedophile for being naked with children, the police and child services yell "THAT'S DEFAMATORY LIBEL!" and you get arrested and have the right to remain silent.

    This happened for real in Canada BTW.

  13. It is good to not be laboring under these delusions, to admit that it's over. Thank you Rookh.

  14. Hey rookh just wanted to let you know your distant shores book was great and i read it earlier this year, Im in Australia so it can
    be multicultural in the big cities(I don't live anywhere near them) and my background is Anglo/Italian. Now
    with my Italian side it is really dark, Southern Italy. Ive been mistaken for Lebanese, Arab and even South American before. Why im stating
    this is that i do feel it for the ethnics to a degree, since i am virtually seen as one by most Anglos. Also, my Italian side has been
    Angloized completely, the only Italian tradition we somewhat have is cooking pasta/various Italian dishes.

    Ive had fuck all luck with women apart from some drunken hookups(no sex) never a date or a girlfriend ever. I will be in my 30s by mid 2020
    and ive never left this country, but over the years ive had the opportunity to meet foreign women on holiday here in Aus and chat with them socially. Two Canadian
    girls i met were sweet as pie despite what ive heard and read about the women of Canada, mind you they were both taken so maybe that made them nicer?
    Two Brazilian girls i met really blew my mind culturally, they just gave of a natural sensualaity and feminity ive never seen before, so that
    was a real eye opener for me.

    So my main question to you or anyone else is how to stay motivated with the goal of getting off the Anglo plantation? Ive lost sight of this goal due to depression.
    Doubts creep into my mind from getting used for my money/passport, the big cultural gaps between dating foreign women, etc. Maybe
    its the good old Anglo brainwashing kicking in but i just wanted any tips and tricks on not to lose sight on this. Deep down i know dating/gender relations are completely
    fucked here and i know for a FACT that feminine, natural women do exist in foreign places. If i was to escape im leaning more towards Latin America/Meditteranean Countries
    in Europe since i really like that look when it comes to women. Thanks in Advance.

    1. Some of the Americans who post here have really expatriated and found happier lives abroad, especially in Scandinavia and Continental Europe, so they can provide much better advice than me.

      One thing I have learned from studying their experience (which is fully outlined in Hope on Distant Shores) is that you can go on regular 'reconnaissance expeditions' outside the Anglosphere, you don't have to 'up sticks' and relocate in one go. Try working or holidaying in somewhere like SE Asia, South America or southern Europe to get a feel of which place suits you best. Each time you go there you will pick up more language and culture, which will make the final leap much easier in the long run.

      Relocating is like learning a foreign language. If you expect instant results you will only get disappointed and just give up; more modest and realistic expectations will get you real results, although they take a little longer to realise.

    2. *Ive had fuck all luck with women apart from some drunken hookups(no sex) never a date or a girlfriend ever. I will be in my 30s by mid 2020 and ive never left this country, but over the years ive had the opportunity to meet foreign women on holiday here in Aus and chat with them socially. Two Canadian girls i met were sweet as pie despite what ive heard and read about the women of Canada, mind you they were both taken so maybe that made them nicer?*

      Trini Youth would say these Canadian women were not from Toronto, which sounds like the nexus of all misandrist malfeasance in the Anglosphere. Also, they fact they were taken meant you didn't run afoul of the Anglo 'bitch shield'.

      *Two Brazilian girls i met really blew my mind culturally, they just gave of a natural sensualaity and feminity ive never seen before, so that was a real eye opener for me.*

      It sounds like Brazil or South America might be your best destination, then. It also sounds like your ethnotype would fit in quite well there.

    3. Anglo Australian and Anglo Canadian women seem to be the most racist towards light brown/brownish types. Probably Anglo NZ as well.

      I worked with a white American girl 3 years ago who was travelling in Australia and she was thin, polite and about a 5.5-6 in looks.

      She was into me (a light brown guy as well) and treated me with a general respect that Anglo aus women rarely do. Didnt get with her as I had a flu and couldn't make the party she invited me to.

      If you have a hint of ethnic in you (like this half Italian man) the Anglo women in aus hate it.

      They prefer their fully Anglo men who tend to let them get away with any degenerate behaviour they wish

  15. Bad news for Canadian men...Trumped-up charges of hate speech for "praising" Marc Lepine:

    1. So much for 'free speech' in Canada. Of course, feminists (and women in general) can say men should be exiled and shot with complete impunity. Spirited Methuselahcel, though.