Sunday, 2 August 2009

After the Anglobitch: New Geopolitical Futures after the fall of the Anglosphere

It is scarcely possible to doubt that the Anglosphere (indeed, the West in general) is in terminal decline. Francis Parker Yockey opined in his peerless Imperium that imperialist aggression characterises any declining civilization. At present, the major Anglosphere nations are throwing their weight around the globe, especially the Near East. This inheres directly to the increasingly dysfunctionality of Anglo-American culture, which in turn can be traced to the emergence of Anglobitch feminism in the late Sixties.

This has been discussed extensively on this Blog and elsewhere, but the time has come for a definitive encapsulation of how Anglobitch feminism has brought the West low.

Anglo feminism arose in a repressed, puritanical and elitist culture that gifted women ‘Pedestal Status’ by suppressing the sex instinct. This meant that Anglo feminism took a direction distinct from say, Scandinavian ‘partnership’ feminism from the very first. It was always more militant and confrontational (especially towards men) in its aims and values, for instance. And since repression gifted women ready-made status, they were quick to jettison libertine agendas once the late Sixties ended.

And so the Anglosphere was left with a whole generation of women expecting to advance themselves into male (principally middle class) lifestyles, but whose traditional Anglo expectations had never been challenged (indeed, the Anglo-American cultural Establishment only curried those expectations). So Anglo women still expected hypergamy (marrying up), still demanded preferential treatment before the law, still expected to use sex as a weapon to secure upward mobility, still expected exemption from military service, still expected sanitized treatments in the media – all while preaching ‘equality’! And because the Anglosphere’s cultural default is puritanical idealization of women, these contradictory agendas were allowed to propagate unchallenged. Consequently, Anglo-American females spend their prime breeding years immersed in hypergamic fantasies (and real-life liaisons with sociopathic thugs). This is why societies shaped by Traditional wisdom have always regulated female sexuality – because giving free reign to female reproductive choice destroys civilization: it is that simple.

The fallout from allowing women 'rights-plus-privileges' is everywhere – falling Western birthrates, the emergence of a feral underclass, widespread anomie, dysgenic population trends, mass immigration, declined civil and cultural standards – the whole socio-cultural infrastructure has been terminally compromised. Since middle class women have few children (and, due to unchallenged hypergamy, have struck off most males as potential mates) only the Welfare-dependent underclass now breed in large numbers (or, failing them, the indigestible immigrants that have been introduced to supplant them). These phenomena have been ably discussed in books like The Empty Cradle. And the sexual emancipation of lower class Anglo women has given free reign to their atavistic preference for low-IQ thugs, resulting in dysgenic population effects and single-parent families draining the Anglosphere economies.

And so the Anglosphere crumbles before our eyes, waging post-modern wars against largely fictional ‘terror’ while it rots from within. Barring some Traditional Renaissance, the Anglosphere already looks doomed. Indeed, the Anglo-American trash media have popularized Anglo feminism throughout the West; and so today, 40% of university-educated German women are childless. Even ‘traditional’ European countries like Greece and Italy now have the lowest birthrates in history (1.33 and 1.29 children per woman, respectively). This has led to mass immigration being extolled by Western elites (though not the masses), without due regard for the indigestible nature of Africans, Muslims and Hispanics. In sum, the West looks about to be swamped by more vigorous, patriarchal invaders genetically, socially and culturally.

Who will fill the power-vacuum?

China, India and Japan all look like strong candidates. The Japanese have wisely sought to make up labor shortfalls by utilizing robotics, not non-assimilable immigrants. China’s new, prideful dynamic speaks for itself (homo erectus stands tall again). And India’s arranged marriages have obviated the dysgenic impact of unfettered female mate-choice on the West. Any of these three emerging blocs could supplant the ailing Anglosphere.


  1. Except that the current generation of educated urban youth (the new globalized consumer class) in India are not beat for arranged marriages.

    Although the high levels of female infanticide and its subsequent skewed male/female ratio in Haryana gives even the village girls who are allowed to live more of a mate option.

    Many Munnus and Rinkus are forced to travel far and wide across India just to find a bride. And yet they still keep killing their baby girls.

  2. Hello Rookh,

    I have compiled an array of insightful quotes from men and women speaking unapologetically in favour of Matriarchy, and completely against men's rights, which may interest you.

    I believe it is a preview of a more frank rhetorical style from feminists, which will become more common as the Matriarchy takes shape:

    Here and here.

  3. MRN,

    Yes, we are locking into a new phase of the struggle wherein open war will be declared on men across the West, but in Anglosphere countries particularly. Of course, Anglo feminists have been THINKING all this for years; it is only now that they are prepared to openly EXPRESS their warped aims. Essentially, the matriarchal-matrix is now so strong, its supporters can say/do whatever they like with complete impunity.

    As W. B. Yeats wrote in The Second Coming,

    'The good lack all conviction,
    While the worst are filled with passionate intensity...'

  4. There is a solution and it is political and commercial ...

    My single female friends are the personification of neuroses.

    The suicide of Catherine Bailey, the City lawyer who jumped off Richmond Bride, shows that even the women who could be said to have it all are deeply unhappy.

  5. If the Russians succeed in bringing up the Russian birth rate (and the government is seems serious about doing this and even promoting blue-eyed blond Aryan babies via advertisements) and going back to traditions, Russia can be a contender too.