Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The NAMWO* Conspiracy (*New Anglo Matriarchal World Order)

The UK police recently revealed that they squandered nearly a million pounds of British tax payers’ money on the fruitless search for missing Madeleine McCann, the girl-child abducted from a Portuguese hotel in 2007. However, if the victim were male or non-Anglo, their expenditure would have been precisely ZERO. In fact, a missing male child would probably not even have made the news. However, we must be grateful to these bumbling, spendthrift poltroons, for they have revealed the NAMWO to us.

The NAMWO is the tyrannical matriarchy the Anglo-American bloc seeks to impose on the world – a world where mindless female drones are exalted while men are ridiculed and exploited. As the figures show, most of this exploitation is financial – men pay through the nose to support public services that largely benefit women. For example, the Police are far more concerned about crimes committed against women (try googling Pretty White Girl Syndrome) – yet men comprise the vast majority of murder victims in every Western society. In addition, the police and the Anglo-American legal ‘profession’ exhibit an inarguable bias against men, acquitting women for serious crimes that men would be imprisoned for. Men also foot the bill for public healthcare programmes, yet Warren Farrell shows that THREE TIMES more is spent on women’s heath (see his MRA masterwork, The Myth of Male Power). Indeed, it could be argued that the whole infrastructure of post-industrial western societies is intrinsically misandrist – Glenn Sacks’ superb site cites strong evidence that male children less than six months old are far more prone to fatal accidents (this is most unlikely to be the result of male adventurism, at that tender age). Moreover, in the UK and many other Western countries, public broadcasting bodies like the BBC exhibit a clear misandrist bias, but happily leech up obligatory funding from males – even as they wage ideological wage against them!

In short, in NAMWO men foot the bill for a whole range of public services that exhibit antipathy or indifference towards them. And this is the matriarchal nightmare the Anglo-Saxon nations seek to impose on the rest of the world via State-sponsored, UN-sanctioned hegemonic terrorism.

What are men trapped in the NAMWO or its Western affiliates to do?

Above all, we must withdraw all financial and political consent from NAMWO. If at all possible, avoid paying taxes or funding NAMWO-controlled public bodies (that is, virtually all of them). In Britain, this is relatively easy in the case of the BBC – just refuse the TV inspectors entry to your abode - or better still, get rid of your TV. After all, the whole of the mainstream Anglo-American media now serve NAMWO, and cutting their misandrist garbage out of your life will be no great loss. In the case of American men, above all do not marry (or even associate with) Anglo-American women – Marriage in America is now a State-sponsored misandrist wealth-redistribution policy . If you have to, marry a foreign woman from a Traditional culture - and better still, set up residence in your wife’s country of origin. This will prevent her becoming infected by Anglo-American feminism. As for the rest of it, don’t participate, don’t conform, don’t listen - this is the only approach a sensible man can take towards the NAMWO conspiracy. And if any members of the NAMWO Establishment are reading - if you don't like us, then don't take our taxes.


  1. You need to blog about George Sordini, that poor soul who gunned down 3 Anglo-American women last night! God rest his soul!

  2. Sodini was a strange fellow, and no mistake. Instead of wasting his time on sneering Anglocunts, a man with his middle class salary should have snapped up a fresh young oriental chick for himself on one of the many online dating sites. That said, three dead Anglobitches is three less left to fight, all things considered.

    Actually, if you read my March 2009 post, 'Suicide Bombers and Virginia Tech: the Anglobitch Connection' you will see my perspective on the increasing frequency of attacks on Anglo (or Western) women by males reared outside the Anglosphere.

    Thanks for your post.

  3. American women need to be avoided like the plague! 72% of all divorces in American are initiated by women! The US divorce courts and American women are destroying America one family at a time!