Monday 3 August 2009

Why the Anglo-Saxon Power-Elite Hates White, Working-Class Men

White working class men are hated by the Anglo-American political establishment (the natural heirs to British Victorian paternalism) because they can’t be easily bracketed and patronized. Above all, they have shown a long-standing tendency to reject elite values and culture, and this non-malleability is the true source of the elite's antipathy. Though this piece is tangential to the Anglobitch Thesis, it offers some insight into why misandry now characterises the whole Anglosphere.

He was white, Anglo-Saxon, heterosexual and fed up of being told he was shit (John King, The Football Factory: 116).

In New (read matriarchal) Britain, the raw, instinctive masculinity of white, working class men has been vilified by the new Anglo-liberal matriarchy while women’s idiotic quiescence to the meaningless hoops of a degraded State education system has been unstintingly lionized.

Why is this? The Anglo-elite promote a specific form of paternalist liberal neo-Christianity distinct from authentic radical political traditions, which has a natural alignment with Anglo feminism. Its first instinct is to assume the cultural inferiority of its ‘charges’; hence it favors malleable social elements like women or blacks, whom it perceives to be without a pre-existent culture that might deflect their attempts at paternalist manipulation. Of course, this favoritism is informed by a convoluted racism and sexism; but it clearly explains why Anglo women and blacks have been unstintingly lionized for the past 30 years or more. By contrast, the white working class has been instinctively loathed by the same limousine liberals, because it refuses to accede to this agenda. This is more intense in Britain than anywhere else, no doubt an expression of paternalist British Exceptionalism, but the same attitude finds expression across the Anglosphere (not least the United States).

This is because the British white working class has a long history of rejecting the cultural ‘gifts’ of the Anglo-British elite, above any other excluded social group. Foremost of these gifts was the Christian religion, instinctively loathed by the English working class for its milksop morality, intellectual idiocy and cringing hypocrisy. Mass rejection of Anglican Christianity remains THE key source of the long-standing antipathy between the white working class and the Anglo elite in Britain – the REAL reason why white working class race-crime victims are ignored, or why they are generally banished from the media and politics. A potent proletarian tradition of mass emigration, autonomous community schools, refusing to vote, rejecting Christian values, school truancy, robust Trades Unions and sturdy hostility to mass immigration – all represented a coherent rejection of paternalist culture that still makes the Anglo elite seethe. By contrast, blacks (not Asians, Jews or the Irish, who all retain coherent cultural traditions) and women are the darlings of the Anglo-American elite, in both Britain and America. This is partly because they are perceived as more malleable, without a culture of their own – and thus easier to coerce and manipulate.

Having failed to delude the white working class of the benefits of Christianity, the Victorian Anglo-American Missionary movement turned to Africa where its Gamma-milksop delusions could be imposed with no cultural opposition. This goes some way to explaining why the British ruling elite were so keen to end slavery (typically for Black Africans) while remaining indifferent to the appalling working conditions experienced by the white working class in unregulated early capitalism (children up chimneys, and so on - read Corelli Barnett's The Collapse of British Power). Simply put, the Black slaves were malleable targets for Anglo-American elite paternalism, while the white working class was already beginning to resist its coercion and thus persona non-grata.

This is why the Anglo-American elite have tried their damnedest in recent years to transform the proud, autonomous white working class into a Welfare dependent underclass (with no small success) – because an underclass is infinitely more malleable and easier to patronize. The same can be said of women. Reams of psychological research show women to be far more pliant to authority and public opinion than men (read Glenn Wilson's The Great Sex Divide). And women have positively waxed under the NAMWO (New Anglo Matriarchal World Order) – been shown preferential treatment in healthcare and education, lionized in the media and generally exalted on pedestals. In other words, women are easy to patronize – and thus benefit from a plethora of preferential treatments.

In short, everywhere we look the Anglo-American elite has recently done everything it has to promote groups it perceives to be malleable - and denigrate, erase or ostracize those with autonomous cultural traditions. In a complex, convoluted way, this is a kind of racism/sexism that assumes blacks/women to be intellectually and culturally inferior. Since black America recently found its own voice and identity distinct from liberal expectations, one would expect the long-standing love affair between blacks and 'Limousine Liberals' to wither. After all, the same process occurred in Britain during the Victorian era, when the white working class eschewed the drivel proclaimed from Anglican pulpits, for which the Anglo elites have never forgiven them.

From this perspective, the BNP (British National Party) is the product of a long-standing conflict between the autonomous English working class and the outraged Anglo elite – and the same essential conflict is reflected throughout the Anglosphere. The real hatred of the BNP from the British Establishment hails not from its policies – many Conservatives are just as racist – but because it represents an autonomous working class (and largely male) organization outside paternalist control – not unlike football hooliganism:

With football you make a choice. It’s no easy option. You don’t want to bottle out in front of your mates, and the more your reputation develops the more pressure there is to perform. Still, it’s freedom of choice because I’m doing it for myself, not because the wankers in power tell me. That’s what they don’t like (King: 105).

The charge of 'racism' serves as a useful smokescreen for simple antipathy towards autonomy of thought, deed and association by the disenfranchised – an unforgivable sin to Anglo-American paternalists.


  1. Rookh,

    I'm trying to follow this but maybe I'm just not smart enough to absorb the material... Da**!!

  2. But football hooligans are evil people. Women who fancy bullies and hooligans are evil. I am white I could not give a fuck about white people working class, middle class or upper class who bulkly and abuse.

  3. Consider how the predominantly white ruling class in the US, chooses who gets to be a leader of the "African American" community. Note that the "leaders" of this community are almost all protestant ministers or religious hacks (Farrakhan, Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson..etc.), while secular African American parties tend to get physically crushed like the Black Panthers were crushed.

    Identity politics based on race and sex are purely malleable categories whose boundaries are not fixed. It gives the sort of nebulousness to political "discourse" that intellectuals love as they generally prefer confusion over the concrete: Gramsci over Marx, race over class and dear God, dear God don't mention the proletarian elephant sitting in your own living room.

    The "left" today refuses to see that its abandonment of the working class as a political subject has allowed the right to flourish. This is directly the fault of the middle-class left that never recovered from their love affairs with Stalinist and Maoist "Marxism-Leninism". Rather they blamed Marx for their own authoritarian Stalinist proclivities and then began to revel in the glories of liberal democracy and capitalism.

    The system itself in the US is throwing away the bulk of the working class. Soon the illusion that Obama gives a shit about "his" people will be shattered. Nothing could've been better at fooling African Americans that they have a stake in the system than electing the half-african leader. They will get poorer and poorer, permanently just as the rest of the working class in America will, after all impoverishing workers is the main social project of all political leadership in the core imperial powers and has been so for the last thirty to forty years.

    Liberalism, bereft of reforms as it is represents an orphaned form of politics. The entire purpose of liberalism, or "progressivism" as people say in the US, has been made void and null in an environment where real reform is impossible, there is no room for it, nor will the capitalists allow any room for it.

    What must happen is that the political "center" needs to get crushed. That which is centrist best represents the needs of capital, be it center-left politics or center-right politics. Fascism and Stalinism were both politically centrist in the environments they arose in. The political center in our society is inherently bourgeois in its outlook and its egoistic belief that some are destined to serve coffee while others are destined to become "professionals". All the post-industrialist talk of the intellectuals amounted to was a glorification of the process whereby workers were seeing their wages and jobs systematically getting wiped out.
    I would argue that workers have a right to wipe out the refuse of the old society: tory, republican, democrat, liberal, labour, stalinist, maoist or social democratic. The middle and upper eschelons of the social pyramid have failed miserably. No amount of posturing on their part can alter this.
    American capitalism was bound to drag the world down after the collapse of the USSR. Without the USSR the USA has no reason to exist without its antithesis and no "war on terror" can fill this political void.

    US intellectuals used to refer to the approaching 21st Century as the "American" century, where the US would be destined to rule and lead the world. They confused their situation of momentary imperialist privilege as being some sort of permanent condition.

    I remember a friend of mine who immigrated to the US from the Ukraine told me that her husband, an American from a wealthy neighborhood in my city told her that the only atheists in the US were "white trash", but he might as well have told her that the only atheists or agnostics in the US were white workers. As a kid from the other side of town we had a saying, "Smile, God hates you!".

  4. Sir

    That is a superb post and I thank you for it. Serious thought-food for many weeks to come.

  5. Learn how to write. Nothing more annoying than pseudo-intellectual wordiness...ehh..garrulousness that is.

  6. This is a profound post, which explains much of recent history, especially in Britain.
    I have had some vague intimation of the animus of the elites in the UK towards the working class white Briton but you seem to have arrived at a convincing explanation for it. I hope that you elaborate on this aspect of Anglo paternalistic class hatred towards the working class whites in future posts. It would be an added bonus if you could also do a more detailed explanation of Anglicanism.

  7. As a non-Anglo (but tradcat white) male living in the UK I have always viewed all Anglos with disdain, from the working class to the ruling elite. I generally find that young Englishmen reek of faggotry; from the limp-wristed caviar socialists in my university to the 'lads' of the low/lower-middle classes who insist on dressing up women's panties and fake tits in various European capitals.

    However, it may be true that I am simply too young (21) to have come across enough old-school English working class. That is to say hard-working, self-respecting and patriotic men who raise their sons tough but decent and their daughters feminine and loyal.

    I hope they exist out there somewhere - but until I meet them, I can assure you that the young generation of Anglo proles are fucking idiots with no sense of identity and even less dignity. They oppose immigration and at the same time let the local mosque fuck their sisters. I cannot stress enough how different the reaction to the Asian grooming gangs would be in different countries, including my homeland. This, I believe, is the ultimate litmus test for Anglo decadence and faggotry masquerading as tolerance.