Sunday 9 August 2009

Sam Vaknin: Anglobitch Incubator and NAMWO propagandist

Sam Vaknin claims to be one of the premier popular scholars on the subject of narcissism in the world today (well, one would expect an expert on narcissists to be one). Indeed, his blogs and websites are excellent sources of information on this modern malady.

However, like most psychologists, Vaknin is totally blind to the social reality around him. His grasp of cultural specificity is literally non-existent - yet, as most of my readers will know, culture is at the root of the Anglobitch problem. Also, he enormously underrates the ubiquity of NPD in the Anglosphere, especially among Anglo-American women. His distorted viewpoint will here be annihilated, in the hope he might address himself to the specific issue of Anglobitch narcissism, its most potent and dangerous expression in the world today. For - far from being angels of love and empathy - most Anglo-American women are entirely selfish, entitled and narcissistic.

Perhaps the most inane of all Vaknin’s idiocies is his assumption that narcissistic traits are pathological and marginalized - when in fact the entire thrust of contemporary Anglo-American culture is implicitly narcissistic, especially those media aimed at the Anglobitch. Take a look at the newsstands of any Anglo-American town or city: a wall of magazines promoting female vanity, ideal love, hypergamic manipulation, flawless appearance or plumbing the nuances of one’s own psych (it’s all about ‘you’!).

In other words, narcissism is no longer pathological in an Anglo-American context: it’s the norm. This translates into Anglobitch behavior: squandering millions of dollars or cosmetics, facelifts and tanning machines, all in pursuit of the perfect appearance, pursuing a fantasy of ageless perfection. This inability to accept the responsibilities of maturity is a classic narcissist trait. The epidemic of No Fault Divorces currently sweeping the States (70% of which are initiated by females) is also a function of Anglobitch narcissism - ordinary guys are just not good enough for the great Anglobitch. However, they serve as useful 'starter' husbands until she can graduate to a more malleable (and moneyed) male victim.

In fact, the Anglo female's primary socialization is entirely narcissistic! From their earliest years they are encouraged to consider themselves Little Princesses on pedestals, exempt from all responsibility. Disney believes it will make nearly 4 billion dollars internationally off of their "Disney Princesses" brand in 2009 alone, showing how the Anglo-American propaganda machine uses children's media to advance their matriarchal agenda. The rampant insolence and entitlement of Anglo girl children is thus spread around the world, rearing a global epidemic of female narcissism that will wreck families and whole nations for decades to come. Thus it can be seen that classic narcissistic traits are entirely normal for young girls in the Anglosphere (and in the West generally). Vaknin's delirious assumption that narcissism is primarily a male problem (or indeed, pathological) is swiftly revealed as low-IQ, NAMWO bullshit.

Moreover, women seem genetically programmed to find narcissists (and their first cousins, sociopaths) intensely attractive. Indeed, a cursory glance at Vaknin’s blog reveals a classic Narcissistic harem situation, with a whole gaggle of adoring females lapping up the reassuring, feel-good pat-a-cake drivel Vaknin likes to spout. One is reminded of a modern art cult, like that developed by Picasso or Brecht (not to mention Charles Manson or Aleister Crowley) , where a male narcissist manipulates women by massaging their appetite for irrational novelty. In fact, Anglo-American culture is in the midst of a transformation, wherein the narcissist neurotype is becoming normalized because it attracts women. The average thirty something Anglobitch usually has a child conceived in her twenties to some sociopath/narcissist. He then left to ‘pursue his dreams’, leaving her with the difficult quest for a solvent male to take on fatherly responsibilities - a major source of Anglobitch angst and misandry (the bulk of Vaknin’s fans seem to narcissist-suckered females in this boat).

The point being, allowing women to select their own mates leads only one way, to the swamping of the gene-pool with narcissist/sociopathic traits, since women instinctively prefer those qualities. This is why traditional patriarchies have always suppressed female sexuality, in order to prevent this sociopathic ‘swamping’. But now, for the west, especially the Anglosphere, it is far too late: we have too many narcissistic layabouts and shiftless sociopaths to maintain the core features of advanced civilization. Vaknin’s complacent idiocy is not only wrong, but dangerous. If the rot is to be stopped, decisive action to restore patriarchy must be taken now – and assuming Narcissism to be a pathology rather than a rampant, Anglobitch-fostered neurotype is the height of folly, in our desperate situation.

By the way - if Sam Vaknin or any of his rabbit-brained harem happen to be reading this, and you want to argue the toss, we’re here and we’re ready for ya! I don’t think you will, though – open, reasoned debate with seasoned intellectual warriors with a ruthless grasp of social reality might cause your fragile, passive-aggressive personalities to implode. But if you do 'want to know' - then bring it on!


  1. Narcissism is just another word for Consumerism. Consumerism is just another word for "Worshipping Mammon".

    We are warned against taking this road to perdition in the Old and New Testaments and the Koran.

  2. This blog seems to have a lot of assertion without example.

    Not saying you're wrong, it's just that you assert that institutions have certain motivations, but provide little evidence -- such as, perhaps, a specific instance of an institution making a decision that could not possibly have had any other motivation.

    It's mainly the (non-) arguments about the motives of the actors that I find weak and akin to conspiracy theory. With a different ideological bias, one could easily read a different motivation into the same set of data.

  3. You have an interesting perspective. My own view of social development/trends is derived from Traditional thinkers like Evola and Spengler, who argued that the West is in decline as a natural part of its cultural cycle. This process uses individuals as World-Historical agents in a Hegelian sense, beyond their conscious awareness, as part of that collapse. Underpinning these events is Self-Organizing Criticality, the tendency of all complex systems to experience periodic crashes (for example the periodic mass extinctions in complex eco-systems). All is written, all is inevitable.

    By the way, you don't really think Western women are NOT narcissistic, do you?

  4. Most narcissists (75%) are males. Women who have experienced an upbringing similar (sometimes more abusive) to that of men who suffer from NPD are more susceptible to developing Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) as opposed to NPD. They tend to have a poor self-image seeing themselves as "worthless" as opposed to the grandiose image that sufferers of NPD have of themselves

  5. @Anon

    Sounds like a bunch of matriarchal NAMWO garbage to me, sport.

    You'll find your balls in your pants, by the way.

  6. Dr. Rookh Kshatriya


    You forgot to tell him - to use both hands while he tries to find them (his balls).

  7. @Anon

    He'd also need a high-powered electron microscope to find HIS balls.


  8. Sam has been diagnosed as a corperate "PSCHOPATH", via the psychpathy chacklist of Robert D Har. Who is the leading researcher on the subject. haveing read his books and beeing apart of the antibullying movement, I look at sam as what you mite say,"one of the enemy."
    Thies type of peaple, are what you could say,"EVIL", and feel it's importaint to bring them down.

    1. Sam suffers from NPD, not psychopathology. There are many similarities, but Sam, and people like him, do not find pleasure in manipulating and hurting others any more than a lion takes pleasure in hunting Gazelle. Narcissists are predators, but they are no more "evil" than a natural disaster.
      A psychopath, on the other hand, often has sadistic traits and will manipulate others for enjoyment, not out of necessity. They also tend to lack the self control of the narcissist, finding it very difficult to delay instant gratification even in the face of long-term consequences.

  9. There is a difference between narcissism and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), with which Sam Vaknin has been clinically diagnosed. Just like being obsessive compulsive is different than having Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) or having an attention deficit is different than having Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). The difference is that these are DISORDERS; meaning they interfere with everyday functioning in society.
    You are absolutely correct in stating modern society and the media are heavily defined by narcissistic traits, but in order for the narcissism to be considered a disorder, it would have to affect a small minority of the population. As soon as it permeates beyond a distinguishable minority, it would constitute a societal shift and the characterization of NPD would shift accordingly.
    Also, NPD, and most psychological pathologies, cannot be clinically diagnosed in children because the mind is still developing. Infants and small children would rank quite high on a psychopathic/narcissistic assessment test intended for adults. However, most of them will outgrow these characteristics by early adulthood.