Friday 21 August 2009

David Koresh – Lord of TRUE Game

It has to be said that most PUAs and writers who promote Game don't know shit from shinola when it comes to carving out true Alpha status – mere nearly-men, at best. This is because their understanding of sociobiology/evolutionary psychology is so awry; they confuse recreational sex with reproductive success. However, true sexual success in biological terms is measured only by the number of children one can produce.

This can be proved by studying evolutionary history. In hunter-gatherer communities, Shamen and chieftans fathered all the children produced by the tribe's women, their Alpha status repaid in the hard sociobiological coin of numerous children. Males of low status had no genetic input whatsoever. This is why mitochondrial DNA (exclusive to females) shows far greater inflection. Historically, only 20% of males got to reproduce while 80% of women did. Of course, more recently, the Mongol warlords used their wealth and power to build huge harems of women to bear their children - which is why over a third of Asiatic males are descended from Ghengis Khan and his descendants. In England during the Middle Ages, a feudal lord would have first sexual access to any bride living in his fief on her wedding night. In the Orient, Sultans and Emperors have always kept vast harems of wives to bear them children. When such a leader was slain or deposed, these women became the reproductive property of his conqueror - for example, when the Ottoman Sultan Bayazid was defeated by Tamerlane, the latter appropriated his harem. In short, absolute male power has always been used to procure reproductive success, not indulge in recreational sex.

Among the Zulus under the reign of Shaka, young males of low standing were allowed to indulge in recreational sex, but not to father children. This privilege was reserved for elite warriors only. In short, it is scarcely possible to doubt that recreational sex of the type extolled by PUAs is actually fairly Gamma, Beta at best. TRUE Alpha sexuality is always directed to maximizing ones reproductive potential - in short, producing the next generation of children.

Of course, some will say: there is no scope for this in the monogamous modern world. Superficially speaking, they are correct, of course. Women have gained rights and independence in contemporary post-industrial culture, rendering null the Beachmaster aspirations of all but the most daring males. However, the true Alpha bursts the chains of societal mores at every turn; he yields to nothing in his ruthless pursuit of self-actualization.

With these facts in mind, we see that the role model of TRUE Game is not Roissy in DC or anyone else extolling the value of recreational sex. The lord of TRUE Game is David Koresh, leader of the Branch Davidian Sect at Waco. Why is this? Because Koresh fathered twenty-five children by twenty wives. From the most humble beginnings, he transformed himself by a Nietzschean effort of will into an Prime Alpha, surpassing nearly all his male contemporaries in reproductive fecundity. Are you reading this, all you Betas and Gammas? Twenty-five children. That's right - Twenty-five. That's twenty-five times more successful than YOU in reproductive terms, guys.

Let's take a look at how this TRUE Lord of Game achieved these remarkable figures:

Koresh was born in Houston, Texas, to a 14-year-old single mother, Bonnie Sue Clark. His father was a 20-year-old man named Bobby Howell. The pair remained unmarried. Two months before Koresh was born, his father met another teenage girl and abandoned Bonnie Sue. Koresh never met his father and his mother began cohabiting with a violent alcoholic. In 1963, Koresh's mother left her boyfriend and placed her 4-year-old son in the care of his maternal grandmother, Earline Clark. His mother returned when he was seven, after her marriage to a carpenter named Roy Haldeman. Haldeman and Clark had a son together named Roger, who was born in 1968.

Koresh described his early childhood as lonely, and it has been alleged that he was once gang raped by older boys when he was 8. A poor student who was illiterate and diagnosed with dyslexia, Koresh dropped out of Garland High School in his junior year. Due to his poor study skills, he was put in special ed classes and nicknamed "Vernie" by his fellow students, but by the age of 11, he had memorized the entire New Testament.

In 1981 he moved to Waco, Texas, where he joined the Branch Davidians, a religious group originating from a schism in the 1950s from the Shepherd's Rod, themselves disfellowshipped members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the 1930s. They had established their headquarters at a ranch about 10 miles out of Waco, which they called the Mount Carmel Center (after the Biblical Mount Carmel), in 1955.

In 1983 he began claiming the gift of prophecy. Koresh then had a sexual relationship with Lois Roden, the prophetess and leader of the sect who was then 78 years old, eventually claiming that God had chosen him to father a child with her, who would be the Chosen One. In 1983, Roden allowed Koresh to begin teaching his own message which caused controversy in the group. Koresh and around 25 followers set up camp at Palestine, Texas, 90 miles from Waco, where they lived rough for the next two years, during which time Koresh undertook recruitment of new followers in California, the United Kingdom, Israel and Australia.

Lois Roden died in 1986. Up until then Koresh had been teaching that monogamy was the only way to live, but he suddenly announced that polygamy was allowed for him. In March 1986, Koresh first slept with Karen Doyle, aged 14. He claimed her as his second wife. In August 1986, Koresh began secretly sleeping with Michele Jones, his wife's younger 12-year-old sister. In September 1986 Koresh began to preach that he was entitled to 140 wives, 60 women as his "queens" and 80 as concubines, which he based upon his interpretation of the Biblical Song of Solomon. Former Davidian David Bunds said that Koresh's doctrine of polygamy "rose out of his deep desire to have sex with young girls. Once he was able to convince himself that it was God's will then he was able to be free of guilt and have sex with as many young girls as he could get his hands on."

The 1993 U.S. Department of Justice report sets out allegations of historical child sexual and physical abuse. ATF Special Agent David Aguilera had interviewed former Branch Davidian Jeannine Bunds, who claimed that Koresh had fathered at least fifteen children with various women and young girls at the compound. According to Bunds, some of the girls who had babies fathered by Koresh were as young as 12 years old. She said she had personally delivered seven of these children. Bunds also claims that Koresh would annul all marriages of couples who joined his cult. He then had exclusive sexual access to the women.

On February 28, 1993, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) raided Mount Carmel. The raid resulted in the deaths of four agents and six Davidians. Shortly after the initial raid, the FBI HRT (Hostage Rescue Team) took command of the federal operation, since FBI has jurisdiction over incidents involving the deaths of federal agents.

The 51-day siege of Mount Carmel ended when U.S Attorney General Janet Reno approved recommendations of veteran FBI officials to proceed with a final assault in which the Branch Davidians were to be removed from their building by force. In the course of the assault, the church building caught fire. Barricaded in their building, seventy-six Branch Davidians, including Koresh, did not survive the fire. Seventeen of these victims were children under the age of 17. The Danforth Report claims that those who died were unable, or unwilling, to flee and that Steve Schneider, Koresh's right-hand man, probably shot Koresh and killed himself with the same gun.

Let's produce a simple, dynamic list that any eager student of TRUE Game can apply to his life to achieve maximum reproductive AND sexual rewards:

* Have a brutal childhood characterised by bullying and sexual abuse.
* Start having sex and committing crimes early - life is too short and uncertain to bother with Beta morals. 'Sociopath' or 'psychopath' are just meaningless terms cooked up by Betas and unworthy Alphas to prevent TRUE Prime Alphas eclipsing them.
* Join a cult and rise quickly within it. The cult should be characterised by crazy beliefs and a pyramid-shaped, 'top-down' structure to facilitate maximal social control. Do literally ANYTHING to rise in the structure - for power is the key.
* Ensure the cult is largely comprised of naive, middle class betas used to following orders rather than aggressive working class bad-asses who know their own minds.
* Once in command of the cult, subvert the rules to allow polygamy for oneself, while restricting all other males in the group to celibacy.
* Claim Messiah status - Koresh called himself The Lamb of God, humanity's Saviour. In addition, he dreamt of re-establishing the "Throne of David" through a dynasty carried forward by his many children.
* Close the cult to the outside world to allow your sexual adventures to proceed unmolested.
* Die rather than yield power

A depth consideration at these modules reveals their deceptive power and ubiquity. Other cult leaders and gurus like Charles Manson or Rasputin followed the same basic template. It is fair to say that the cult leader is the supreme Prime Alpha active in the West today. From the most humble beginnings, he often rises to true Beach Master status, fathering more children and enjoying more sex than most senior politicians and celebrities (and certainly most conventional Beta PUAs). The isolation of cults facilitates this - there are no piffling Beta laws active in a cult, obviating the need for Alimony or Child Support. The Cult is the family and the Leader is its father, total power of life and death in his masterful hands.

The student of True Game might find it hard to live up to the glittering standards of Koresh, Rasputin and Manson, but can still apply these rules to his life in a humbler way. Adopt a cultish approach to your dealings with others, an air of authoritarian mystery and most of all reject all beta convention in every circumstance - you know it makes sense.

Bluntly speaking, Anglo-American women are not typically into white middle-class nerds who consider themselves 'Alphas', they are interested in low IQ gangsters, sadistic killers and psychopathic cult leaders like David Koresh and his ilk. White middle class Angloguys bought into all this Anglofag New Man crud in the Nineties and now find themselves with big houses, good jobs and no sex. This is the true crux of 'The Sodini Problem' - a Gamma sexual revolution, wherein underclass Welfare parasites enjoy high reproductive/reproductive success, while middle-class Betas (and not a few upper middle-class Alphas) go without. This is especially true in Britain, where the Welfare State rewards underclass sexual fecklessness, punishes thrift and industry. This has led to the British phenomenon of Alone Rangers - successful but sexless single males.

Throw off those chains, guys!


  1. Anglo american women are a strange lot indeed! They go after the "thug" and the "bad boy" and wonder why they are miserable. I try to avoid anglo american women like the plague as they are vile human beings and not worth my time.

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