Saturday 15 August 2009

Rookh Kshatriya's TRUE Art of Game

Roissy in DC has been mentioned on this Blog before. He runs a somewhat disorganized Wordpress blog dedicated to 'Game' - the art of picking up and seducing beautiful women. Actually, much of what he writes is pretty good. However, Roissy lays a lot of bad advice on his many fans. He trots out the usual Anglofag bullshit about cars and material wealth, when women are truly attracted to bullies, sadists and killers. Many have accused this blog of being negative, pessimistic, giving little practical advice to men on how to improve their lives. Well, here we reverse that trend - follow this sage advice, guys, and you'll soon be ankle deep in premium pussy, Anglo or otherwise... guaranteed!

Act like a Violent Bully/Thug/Criminal
Mention any involvement with prison/gangs/crime and women turn to putty, whatever their education/social class. When Jimmy Troiano, the Northport associate of Satanist killer Ricky Kasso emerged from a spell in jail for breaking and entry, the affluent girls were mobbing him:

'They didn't want to be him - but they got brownie points by just standing next to him...'

So, lesson one: if you want to attract pussy, become a criminal and preferably spend some time in jail. Women can't resist the frisson of danger and excitement the tattoo'd, hardened criminal positively radiates!

Become a Sexual Sadist

Like the hardened criminal, it seems the sexual sadist embodies a form of torrid hyper-masculinity that women find irrestistable. With his rakish good looks and purloined RAF uniform Neville Heath had no problem picking up upper class, blue-blooded pussy at Debs' Balls in London. Most of these were 9s or 10s on breeding alone, way beyond Roissy's wildest American wank-dreams. Having picked them up, he would then proceed to torture them by beating, tying and strangling. More often than not, they didn't even report these attacks to the Police! It is obvious that these women actually enjoyed Heath's savage treatment. Quite aside from which, Heath's victims went willingly to a brutal death at his expert hands!

So, what can the seasoned PUA learn from Heath? Easy - openly express sadistic inclinations and act with sexual brutality towards women (no Missionary Position tedium, please). You'll soon be fighting them off with a club!

Become a Mass Murderer

The Kings of Pussy! After all, Mass Murderers on Death Row are inundated with offers of sex/marriage! Ted Bundy fathered a child with one of his groupies. Richard Ramirez, the Night Stalker collected a whole army of female fans during his trial (his murderous crimes involved gouging out his victims' eyes while raping them, for the most part). Burnished Valley Girls were swooning 'cute!' over this black-toothed, sociopathic wreck. In a similar vein, 'Bobettes' swarmed around the girl killer Robert Chambers of the celebrated Preppy Murder case in 1986. Even gay serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer or John Wayne Gacy have an irresistible hold over women. Again, this relates to the 'hyper-masculinity' of the accomplished murderer - even when he is gay and entirely disinterested in women as sexual partners! How cool is that?

Become a Counter-cultural Freak/Misfit

Charles Manson was an unemployed ex-convict, who had spent half his life in correctional institutions for a variety of offenses. Despite these personal limitations, he was soon ruling a harem of adoring middle class females. How did he manage to achieve this coveted 'Alpha' status? Education? Charm? Wit? Money? Are you fucking serious?

After release from prison for theft, he soon got to know Mary Brunner, a twenty-three-year-old University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate working as an assistant librarian at UC Berkeley. After moving in with her, he soon broke her resistance to his bringing other women in to live with them; before long, they were sharing Brunner's residence with 18 other women! With this adoring harem in place, Manson established himself as a guru in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury, which, during 1967's "Summer of Love", was emerging as the signature hippie locale... and the way was paved for murder and mayhem!

Aleister Crowley is another good example. This mentally-ill, latent-homosexual degenerate soon gathered a veritable harem of adoring upper-class females, whom he marooned in the Abbey of Thelema - his occult lodge in Sicily - for a variety of perverse sexual escapades!

Then there was David Koresh, who fathered numerous children on the warm and willing females of his deranged 'flock'... or the Reverend Jim Jones... or that Japanese guru whose (largely) female followers released toxic gas on the Tokyo underground - the list is endless! If murderers are the Kings of Pussy, then deranged gurus are the dashing princes!

In short, Roissy in DC doesn't know shit from shinola when it comes to picking up beautiful young women. Women have no interest in bourgeois trappings of material success - what they REALLY want is a hyper-masculine thug/misfit/killer who is entirely OUTSIDE social convention. Given this, what the successful PUA REALLY needs to cultivate is the mien of a bullying, psychopathic brute. If possible, hint at sadistic cruelty in all your conversations. And to get a women attached to you, abuse and torture her whenever possible. The more women are hurt, the more they enjoy it - abuse them and they will always be drawn back to you.

Because masculinity is persona non grata in Anglo-American culture, hyper-masculinity has particular appeal as 'added value' to women therein. The uglier a man is within, the more beautiful his women will be. More importantly, he will get to screw far more of them!

Good luck, guys!


  1. I'm reminded of a number of things:
    a) "love me or hate me...but don't ignore me!"
    b) Feminist stereotypy of men as thugs/rapists.
    c) Dykes and latent ones eliminate competition.
    d) Feminism and lesbianism are intertwined.
    e) Penis envy is alive and well and feminist!
    f) Sado-masochism is the overlooked 'X' factor.

  2. Sure. Males tend to project VIRTUES as appealing to women (wealth, intellect, culture and other alpha qualities). However, women are not virtuous but degenerate - in consequence, degenerate qualities attract them!

  3. haha what a great post. Project much?

  4. this is nonsense. maybe if your primary targets are third generation trailer trash and high school drop outs. i'll concede there might be exceptions, but from a sociological p.o.v this is just lacking.

  5. Calling bullshit on the Roissy bashing - one of his main themes is that money and material wealth pale into insignificance next to the power of thugish behaviour.

  6. Money,

    Nearly all (if not all) female followers of gurus are middle class or higher. Sociologists of cults invariably point out that cult members in general are naive middle class people who, arriving late to life's problems are easy prey for the simplistic, catch-all solutions gurus provide. Also, middle class women have usually grown up around middle class, emasculated men (probably like you), which makes them generally far MORE susceptible to the hyper-masculine, criminal male.

    My advice? Do some time in jail, buff up, get some tattoos and start your own cult when you emerge. I would recommend something involving the Knights Templars. Good luck!

  7. Stu

    Then why does he spend all his time promoting bourgeois, effete, Anglofag bullshit when he should be telling his fans to buff up, get tattoo'd and start an anti-establishment cult? My guess is that his followers just aren't 'up to' pursuing REAL Game, so he tells them to shine their shoes and wear guyliner, instead.

  8. I'm not sure you have actually read much of Roissy's blog. He talks about shit like this all the time. I'm too lazy to link it, but I can think of plenty of posts he's done about the appeal of thuggish behavior.

    You're coming across kinda silly, dude. Read through the archives a little more.

  9. I think you miss the point slightly. The cult leaders, sociopaths, gangsters, etc. get groupies because they are strongly self-defined. They may be crazy, unstable, and deeply unhappy, but they are mostly unaffected by the opinions of women.

    It doesn't take tats, muscles, insane conspiracy theories, a rap sheet, etc. to have that quality. Rahm Emanuel was reported by bloggers like VK to have that same sort of vibe, and he's a chief of staff to a liberal president. The fictional Peter Griffin of "Family Guy" has the same quality. Etc. It's not the appearance but rather the uncompromising nature of the men that gets them attention.

  10. i've thoroughly and quietly followed roissy's blog. for you to call it disorganized shows how little you understand. anglofag bullshit? one of roissy's noble crusades is one against that. your life must be so nice - such a simple world view, and such basic reading comprehension.

  11. And your life must be such fun - guyliner, liberal horseshit, no Game, no pussy and thinking reading some Blog full of garbled sociobiology will tell you how to become a Man. Besides, I invented the whole concept of the Anglofag (the latent homosexual Anglo-American male with an abridged gender-identity).

    As I suggested, get in a few fights, tatt up, buff up, ditch the guyliner, stop watching the ridiculous 'pick-up' videos your master posts and watch the real pussy line up (if you're man enough for it - which I doubt). Your choice, dude.

    Why does this discussion make me feel I'm on a one-man mission to re-acquaint American men with testosterone?

  12. Blogging is for betas.

  13. If blogging is for betas, surely Roissy is the Beta King? Seems to spend his every spare hour updating the thing. Besides, what are you doing now BUT blogging? You Anglofags crack me up.

    I will elaborate on these true game concepts in a later post, never fear.

  14. Well here’s something. Last year, I approached a woman (an educated 8) in a club PUA-style and when she got to my place later that night, she asked me who the woman was in the picture on my cabinet. I told her it was my girlfriend who lives abroad. I slept with this girl then told her the following morning that she should never call me again. Eight months down the line, she’s moved in with me and takes all my bullshit, which randomly includes sleeping with other girls, not talking to her for a day, leaving her meals half eaten and basically not using the word ‘sorry’ ever. I’m unlikely to come back to this blog but your post is right on the money. Excellent stuff.

  15. Sir,

    Thank you for your illuminating post. You are truly a King of TRUE Game and an example for men everywhere. My only advice would be, 'Keep going in that direction, dude!'

    I can only add that you might want to rough her up once in a while, or impose unpleasant sexual demands on her. Do this, and she will be your willing slave for as long as you wish.

  16. You're sick and I feel sorry for you

  17. Female anger is the weather-vane of truth.

  18. This article is very insightful,but can you explain why women are not known to be attracted to the Osmama Bin Laden,Ayman al-zawahiri and the Abu Musab al zarqawi types? Aren't such people murderers and psychopaths?

  19. Who says women aren't attracted to Bin Laden? Interestingly, right after 9/11 many female journalists were cooing over Obama's charisma and good looks.

  20. It seems i stand corrected,if that is true then there is little or nothing more to be said about women,except for the details.Women are the most base animals,she just need to be fed,sheltered and pregnant(if she is lucky);it is truly an honor for any of them to be born into a patriarchal culture where her sexual choices are....LIMITED(by force)that is if the society values it's future generations.Let any society be slow on the uptake to control it's females at it's peril!!

    Thanks again doc.

  21. Things that attract me to a guy:

    Reasonably attractive (not 'movie star' type)
    Interested in me for who I am
    Ability to really listen
    Integrity and character
    Keeps his word
    We have chemistry (can't fake it, either its there or its not)

    Things that totally turn me off:

    Insensitivity to others
    Inability to follow through
    Lack of intelligence/depth


  22. No lengthy diatribe. Drawing flak=doing it right.

  23. "b) Feminist stereotypy of men as thugs/rapists."

    I wonder... do you think the early-school definition of men as "thugs and rapists" (something which I'd become well aware of by the age of 13 - I wondered if I needed to apologize to my female teachers for being male) winds up diverting female sexual interest towards them?

    That since they've been taught that men are either weak, or degenerately masculine, that they seek out the latter as a sexual outlet - since we see no examples of "John Wayne" style positive masculinity?