Thursday, 20 August 2009

Why Middle-Class Angloguys Have no Game (and what they can do about it)

In an earlier post, I may have been a little harsh on Roissy and his fans. Apart from the videos he posts, his recommendations are generally pretty good, but only in terms of non-innate Game principals. However, the most potent Game factors are genetically determined. Americans will find this hard to accept, due to the anti-essentialist and generally democratic nature of their culture. In Britain, we have none of these qualms about advancing essentialist theses, especially involving social class differences. Michael Argyle’s peerless The Psychology of Social Class (1999) has been of inestimable value to me in framing this piece, and he maintains that many (if not most) social distinctions are genetic in origin.

How does this relate to improving Game? My guess is, only working class guys still get to breed as a function of physical ruggedness and prowess, which have been systematically bred out of middle class guys in favour of more ‘intellectual’ qualities. Sadly, these rugged qualities are what women find attractive at a visceral level, leaving the middle class Angloguy at an intrinsic disadvantage in terms of his Game.

Intrinsic factors are always devilishly hard to overcome. Nevertheless, I will contrive to suggest a solution in each case to improve the Anglo-American PUA’s deficits in that area.

Physical Limitations

No one admits it these Politically Correct days, but middle-class Angloguys have inherently puny physiques. They spend large amounts of time in the gym, but seldom look like they’ve ever lifted a weight. Much of this is genetic – middle class males have been informally selected for intelligence, not physical prowess. Consequently, they find it hard to acquire muscle mass, no matter how hard they work out. However, in Game terms this is a killer – women like nothing more than a buffed body honed with lethal erotic potential.

Solution – work harder. Do more manual work around the house or in the garden.

Excessive ‘Social Embeddedness’
The white middle class Angloguy has little appeal to women because he is too ‘socially embedded’. Angloguys have no intrinsic sense of danger or mystery because they are the dudes who keep society ‘ticking over’ in a framed, obvious way. This is why non-white/Irish/underclass males are so attractive to women – they are intrinsically outsiders. The British writer Colin Wilson has written extensively about the alienated Right Man and his visceral appeal to women: it is the eternal, potent Game of the Outsider. Perhaps this is partly sociobiological – in prehistoric culture, an obvious outsider would have had rather higher intrinsic status than indigents, as perhaps a foreign notable.

Solution – the middle class white guy cannot make himself black, or Hispanic or whatever. However, he can become a good deal less social embedded by mixing with countercultural types. Moving abroad might help. Also, strive to become a political Outsider – get involved with radical, anti-Establishment politics. In Britain, join the BNP or some other ‘revolutionary’ party (preferably of the racist right – leftism is intrinsically beta). The BNP also has a dynamic of being shot through with danger, being a virtually illegal party. There must be many equivalent organizations in America and elsewhere in the Anglosphere.

Middle-class Angloguys have Too Many Neuroses
Because white middle class guys are intellectually defined and their status derives from formal education, they are more prone to complex neuroses and psychological disorders than males who ‘think with their spine’: putting it in the simplest terms, the mindless lack neuroses – and neuroses repel females. The highly intelligent and self-aware (like nearly all of Roissy’s fans – they are clearly not demographically representative) are intrinsically loaded with neuroses, as these are a natural function of intelligence and self-alienation.

Solution – get drunk, take drugs, kill a few brain cells. And stop reading books – books kill Game.

Angloguys Cannot Look ‘Casual’

This one comes from one of my working class friends. No matter how hard they try, middle class Angloguys just cannot look ‘casual’. They never really look 'at ease' with themselves – they seem to walk around with a poker stuck up their ass or shuffle about like octogenarians. Perhaps this is genetic, perhaps it is socially determined. Whatever its origins, women don’t appreciate it. Its worst expression is the middle class walk – instead of a manly stride that hungrily devours the miles like some ancient hunter of the plains, the middle class Angloguy seems to march around like a freshly-ruptured giraffe.

Solution – hang out with blue collar guys/thugs to pick up ‘casual’ behaviours.

Angloguys are Emotionally ‘Flat’, Programmed and Dull

Again, this is an intrinsic hazard of being several generations deep into the Anglo-American middle class. All strong emotions are bred out as part of the trans-generational social mobility/embedding project, producing a somewhat ‘flat’ and uninteresting personality type. Sodini was a stellar example of this – a flat, one-dimensional and utterly grey man.

Solution – Roissy’s Alpha solutions are pretty good in this case, though probably of limited efficacy since they are striving against poor genes. Essentially, incorporating the ‘added value’ principle of sociobiology (eg the peacock’s tail) will greatly improve your Game. So shades, long leather coats - you know the drill, guys!

Angloguys Look Like Fifty-Year Olds
I don’t know why this should be so, but middle class Angloguys seem to look like fifty-year olds - even in their late teens and twenties. Their features are somehow more defined, with big, straight noses that give an impression of premature middle-agedness. Bluntly, a twenty-two year old who resembles one of the Founding Fathers has seriously abridged Game. I would guess that this premature agedness is a function of the fact that working class males only reproduce if they are virile and youthful – dynamics obviated by middle class education and thus absent from the genetically senescent Anglo-American middle class.

Solution – Cosmetic surgery? At a more practical level, wear longer hair – this will disguise your aged features.

The Anglo-Saxon Cultural Legacy
This is the biggie – as middle class Angloguys are the principal bearers of their society’s received culture, not only does Outsider status remain elusive to them but the very nature of that culture limits their Game. This is because Anglo-Saxon culture derives from a puritanical, repressive template that is intrinsically schizoid and un-sexual. Underclass males are relatively untouched by this received culture, which partly contributes to their image of animal virility. The same can be same of other Outsider males who are clearly non-Anglo – non-whites, Hispanics, Celts or Jews. Englishmen have an unlucky reputation as the world’s worst lovers – hardly a glowing Game-recommendation. Let’s face facts - Anglo-Saxon cultural affiliations are an absolute passion killer and need to be excised from your self-presentation ASAP. However, if you’re already an Outsider, put a foot-pump under it.

Solution – affect a foreign (or at least non-Anglo) cultural persona. Let’s face it - no woman wants a priggish Anglofag. I used to know an English guy who affected the mien of a liberated Dutchman – and spent most of his time fending off pussy with a club.

This is my last post on Game. However, my unique Traditional perspective has surely added something to every PUA’s conceptual toolkit. You guys are crashing my hit counter but, to be blunt, my more serious socio-political British audience is starting to get alienated by the lowbrow nature of these exchanges. There’s a whole world of pussy out there to be won – get thee gone, guys!

Quick Quiz - Have YOU got TRUE Game?

Have you ever sexually/physically abused a woman?
Yes – 10 pts
No, but wanted to – 5 pts
No – 0 pts
When did you last get into a fight?
Never 0 pts
Within 5 years 5 pts
Last night – 10 pts
Have you served time in jail?
No – 0 pts
Yes – in and out for a minor offence – 5 pts
Yes – 1 year plus – 10 pts
Are you socially embedded?
Yup – I eat mom’s apple pie every night, read GQ and believe all the shit I’m told – 0 pts
A little – conform but don’t vote – 5 pts
Hate this society, want it destroyed – 10 pts
Are you an ethnic/cultural outsider?
Anglo-American middle class – 0 pts
Anglo-American working class – 5 pts
Celtic/Jewish/Black – 10 pts

50 pts – you got the Game!

25 pts – you’ve got potential – keep trying

0 pts – stop watching Roissy’s bullshit videos or you'll probably end up an Anglofag like these two!


  1. A woman can like a bit of rough but still admire a man with money in his pocket with his head screwed on right, can't she?

    Maybe I've been spoilt all my life, Rookh, but I just don't want them stupid, scared, poor and boring.

  2. Tsk tsk

    That sounds suspiciously like the classic Bad Boy/Provider dichotomy.

    And I thought you were an honest woman...


  3. Look at the commercials on TV (adverts in the UK). It's never about guys with 'Game'. It's always the white, middle-class guys that get chumped. A favorite theme for the longest time is showing white women brushing off hapless, feckless white males. Hey ... go program something for us, Todd!

  4. True enough, but what do you expect?

    Guys with TRUE Game are intensely masculine (despite what Roissy pretends) and true masculinity is inherently unwelcome in Anglo-American culture.

  5. Maybe us white Anglo Saxon, cerebral, overplanned males ought to do what our great-grandfathers did; kill a lot of non-white, non-Anglo-Saxon, non-cerebral, unplanned males, and take their women.

    Never met a thug who knew the importance of getting a good sight picture in a gun fight.

  6. How would Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp score?

  7. How much of this 'bad boy' imago do you think is a ruse and a ploy to keep males down? She:
    "I'll be the lawyer, and you be the defendant."
    He: "I'll be the probationer, and you can be the probation officer (maybe even supervise my urine specimen submissions). She: "I'll be the doctor who treats your STD's, war wounds, E.D., etc.

  8. @ Bill Peter

    Quite well. However, Johnny Depp is of Native American descent (check him out in the early Nightmare films - clearly non Anglo) and Brad Pitt is of working class ancestry (how many middle class guys can buff-up like he did in Fight Club?).

    So my theory holds up pretty well, on the whole... as per usual.

  9. Captain,

    You've got me wondering. Certainly, if women act upon a preference for Bad Boys, then even intelligent males will have to feign stupidity in order to get a mate. In fact, I would argue that this informal agenda is well-advanced and largely explains male educational failure across the Anglosphere, despite males having somewhat higher IQs.

  10. @ Bill,

    And let's not forget that most of their best film roles are as charismatic Outsiders - Tyler Durden, Jack Sparrow, Death, Jesse James...

    Clear proof of the power of Outsider status in natural Game.